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  • marcopubio marcopubio Dec 8, 2013 9:59 PM Flag

    Bad news on futures

    Yea, I know, futures are up right now, but, they are a reverse indicator, meaning look out below at the close tomorrow. Trust me on this, witlessweaver will be crying and screaming like a baby by 4:00 pm.

    marco the great :-) Lets have a little bet, I bet INTC gets hammered after a little run up tomorrow. Barron's leaked their story Thursday, and their buds are setting a up a HUGE dump campaign. Sneaky Barron's. Hey Barron's, sneak me a beer!

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    • I was really hoping you worked out as my demigod. I mean I like Ashraf, but what does a guy with a math degree and a computer science degree know? Besides he doesn't have a cool moker like "Marco the great." I was really hoping that while flipping burgers the recently deceased cow would pass along vital stock information.

      So, imagine if Marco had around $25K fo short Intel. His short position would be around $24.70 and his buyback position would be 23 cents higher. He was saying Intel would be down below $24 which would have netted him $700. Not too shabby for a day's work? Instead he would have been out $230 which would have been close to a week's take home pay.

      Sorry Marco, the cows led you astray. I guess I'll have to listen to Ashraf instead.

    • The only people who really care if the stock goes up or down tomorrow is a day trader. If you think you're right why don't you short Intel in the morning? Short 1000 shares and cover in the afternoon. Curious to see how you do. Maybe you'll make a few hundred dollars maybe you'll lose a thousand dollars. Anybody named Marco the great has to have something on the ball!

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      • Today he is saying that the futures are "reverse indicator" and Dec 2nd futures were "direct indicator". He can't make up his mind.

        . 8-)

        marcopubio • Dec 2, 2013 11:57 PM OMG, futes turning bloody RED
        Bad news for INTC tomorrow, but, here's how y'all can profit.
        Count up all the long shares of INTC you can find, then, short 2x as many shares as you have long. I know you longs are so married to your INTC stock you'd rather sell your first born son rather than sell your first bought shares of INTC. By shorting 2x your total long shares, you can keep your precious hoard, yet, stiill be on the right side of the major trend here, DOWN!

    • short squeeze in under way dumbo

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