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  • att4glte att4glte Dec 9, 2013 9:15 AM Flag

    Just my take on all the posts from the ARMH guys


    They know as well as anybody that their fate is very much in the hands of whoever makes their chips. They also know that TSMC is having issues. It can't be denied. Altera left them after 20 years and Nvidia and Qcom have been vocal about their displeasure.
    It looks to me like the ARMH enthusiasts are giddy because they think they might get bailed out by Intel. Not only bailed out, but "validated". Pretty sad how they bash a company that they hope will bail them out, but that's the nasty world we live in. I suspect they'll be especially nasty when Intel does NOT, in fact, bail them out. Go Intel.

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    • I like the way you stated this. Bailed out and validated. But when when Intel offers to pay for socket placements to be competitive this broke some imaginary moral and ethical code? They were perfectly fine running with the fantasy that Nvidia and Qualcom would be bailed out by Intel. Perhaps breaking Intel down to some Samsung deal where they make 14nm ARM processors for them at pennies on the dollar. The ARM zealots kept coming on here warning that Intel would make no money in mobile. Yes, if Intel was a simple FAB for QCOM and NVidia that would be true. But when they saw that Intel was picking off Altera and may make ARM chips outside of mobility and then paying down the upfront expenses for tablets SoCs to the extent that they would gain 40 million tablet sales in 2014 they had a cow. Suddenly the fantasy wasn't real. No Intel/ARM bailout for them, They have to do battle with the A7 and other Samsung SoC's with TMSC who is talking about 20nm and not really doing a super wonderful job supplying 28nm. Worse yet, in tablets, they'll see Intel on the streets. What the microbrewery meets kibbutz business model didn't work out against one of the best vertically integrated manufactures on the planet? How shocking!

    • INTC can fab for every ARM based processor in existence except for three: QCOM, NVDA, and AAPL. ARM will be validated for running microwaves and cordless phones.... until FAB 42 is outdated and used to make utility chips at 14nm.

      Two things I don't think are sinking in for ARM fans: It will have no cost/power advantages over x86 within the year. Also, there is no one to make the "superior" designs. Even with best estimates, TSMC's 20nm is still losing the time to market race to a chip that's smaller and cheaper and faster.

      Racing to second place will not put you in the winner's circle.

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