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  • ashraf.eassa ashraf.eassa Dec 12, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    This rumor is #$%$


    This is complete nonsense. Intel is more than happy to do custom chips for GOOG - literally no need for GOOG to do its own only to have it built on an inferior process and built by far less experienced teams.

    This is 100% a hackjob. This is an example of manipulation by some sleazy fund.

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    • "This is 100% a hackjob. This is an example of manipulation by some sleazy fund"....this is a brilliant description of the author of this thread who is indeed guilty of the same actions. One chip company starting with the letter "A" would surely fit this definition of a "hackjob" posted on the internet one to many times, my how we have become hypocrites in the self interest world of investing. It's ALL good as long as we *agree* with those who have interest in a company they believe AND invest in.

    • Someone posted this on the ihub message board and pretty much sums it up:

      I think this is important to note:

      [Quote from Bloomberg article:] "Google ... has made no decision and plans could change, said the person. "

      so there is no plan, and that non-existent plan could change. one of the known unknowns, eh?

    • Someone at Bloomberg didn't do the sleazy hedge fund a good enough solid. The rumor came out after the close and it's been shot down hard by Ashraf to the point that the drive by media isn't running with it. Me thinks there will be a job opening at Bloomberg tomorrow.

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    • Are you 100% sure? 100% sure? I'm not. I'm 95 % sure.

    • This guy should be found and his relationships with hedge funds and investment banks should be investigated.Google and Intel should work to locate him now.

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    • With Avoton and its follow-ons on the microserver side and low-to-high end Xeons, Intel provides a complete range of server chips. Why would Google take this on? Which foundry would they go to? How much money would they save by doing so?

      This looks like the ARM microserver threat from 2-3 years back where similar rumors cropped up about FB designing their own chips.

      In some ways, WW is right. There is too much sleaze on Wall Street and our regulations just don't have the teeth to address them.

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