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  • rvajr1932 rvajr1932 Jul 6, 2014 11:27 PM Flag

    OBOMA Tells more LIES than any other Pres

    In history. If you want to keep your Dr. or etc. When he ran he said he would not use the pen O!! and it is not just one side look at whar Dirty Harry has held up every thing. he will not let come to a vote.

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    • Intel is going much higher than here regardless of how may lies Obama has told.
      Having said, here's some humor on the subject of telling lies.

      A man goes to heaven where he meets Saint Peter, who is surrounded with many clocks.
      He asks Saint Peter, "why do you have so many clocks here"
      Saint Peter says, "these clocks tell me the number of lies people tell on earth."
      "how so", says the man.
      Saint Peter says, "each minute that the arm on the clock moves, means the person has told a lie. Such as this one which belongs to Mother Teresa, has not moved at all, which means she has told no lies. This other one here belongs to Abraham Lincoln, which has moved only one minute, which means he has told only one lie."
      Curious the man was as he asked, "so where is the clock for Obama".
      Saint Peter says, "oh that one is with Jesus".
      The man was amazed, "really?'
      "Yes" says Saint Peter, "Jesus is using that clock as a ceiling fan"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's not the quantity of lies but rather the impact of a lie and for sure there have been more presidents (some very recent) that their single lie has set the country back more than your so called multitude of lies told by President Obama

    • Oh, you mean like Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Oops!

    • I agree. Those who gave you a thumbs down are your basic but plentiful uninformed and not very well educated public. You really can't expect much from a guy who really never held a job (community organizer is short for someone that organized pick-up basketball games with those who should ahve been working), The healthcare bill was passed under the condition that "let's pass it so we can see what's in it". These are the kind of incompetents voting for and running our Government.

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      • And what does any of that have to do with Bush's lies? Absolutely nothing. Arguing with dolts such as you and your ilk is a fruitless endeavor so I'm going to stop. You're all fools. But just to satisfy my curiosity, why don't you and your associates post a list, an exact list, of all of Obama's lies and we'll see how they stack up against Mr. Dopey's lies. And please don't post that there are too many to post. Thanks in advance for your trouble.

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