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  • MauriceConchis MauriceConchis Dec 13, 1997 11:44 AM Flag

    Price Target

    Who can quantify both 12 and 24 month price targets for INTC?

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    • Been gone, but when I got back I guess they DID raise Intel's earnings just like you said they would a while back...

      :-) if a forward outlook is good and the street is beat...

      we'll see some good numbers again...

    • I like your analogy, but I think Clinton NEVER look at women.
      Case in point, Hillary and Paula Jones<G>.

      Intel sinking...

    • Raising Intel's earnings would be like asking Michael Jordan to play better or telling Clinton not to look at other women.

    • You can squeeze them all you want. I'm in till $83.

      The only one getting squeeze is Intel. Cyrix, Centaur, AMD from
      the low ends and Digital, Samsung and IBM from the high end.
      Merced (2H99) and cachless PII (2H98) are the one getting the squeeze. If AMD and Cyrix delivers the 266 & 300 in 1998 then
      PII reaching 50% of sales will be a pipe dream.

      1998 Earning estimates are getting squeezed down to Kurlak's level of $3.50. Let me ask you a simply question, has ANY
      analysts raise Intel's 1998 earnings recently?

    • You're right!! Short interest is a good indicator...and it does take a lot of balls....unfortunately for the shorts, high shorting action usually leads to a short squeeze, as in their balls.

      Bring on the short action, and then watch them run up the price as they cover....and we stop hearing from them.

    • Ekurich:

      Whether we're long or short. The ulitmate news will be earnings.

      I'm prepared to wait it out. Today's action I believe was due
      to earning downgraded by DMG. The up action was due to the
      TCI news.

      Perhaps you're right regardind the $69 buyback target. But, if
      earning is not up to par...I doubt if Intel is foolish enough
      to buyback at the $69 target.

    • i came on this hoping to learn alittle more about intc, but i think i tuned into the tv church hour broadcast from north carolina??
      anyway i bought at $70.00 and fully expect to make a bundle.
      either way short term and long term. i have two intc accounts for just that purpose.

    • If the short positions are over 10% of the total available shares, then there are too possibilities: (1) the company has
      something to hide; someone has some inside information about the company's poor performance; the stock is overpriced and fundamentals
      have changed significantly. This would be a very bearish signal, like HSN or CTN I mentioned. Or lately Number 9 lost the
      contract from DELL. (Dell's contract is 50% of NINE's total revenue.) (2) the stock is oversold and no significant change of
      fundementals. The increase of short positions will be a bullish signal. I use 8% because it is very close to 10%. This is why Intel's
      current short positions are very normal. Quite often, people can make money in the short side as well as the logn side. The
      difficulty for the short selling is the timing. There is no blue chip company always bad or always good. No one knows when the stock
      will surge or drop suddently. Frequently, the analysts are just trying to catch up with the market.

    • Today's news is that Intel and Microsoft are in talks with TCI concerning 25 million advanced set top boxes (network computers!) for cable TV...

    • You have to make your own decision to stay or go. If I were you, I would stay. I told you before that the support for INTC is $69, because intel has the obligation to honor 14.8 million put warrants with the lowest striking price of $69 to honor the
      hedging from institutional investors. Intel probably will pump up the stock buy back program to defend its stock price. We should not blame the falling price because of the short selling. Quite a few short selling are done by the option market maker for the convenience of the long-term investors who bought the put option as an insurance. Of course, there is always a limit Intel could do. Unless the market collapses, domestic or international, I don't see much of the downside risk for intel.
      If you don't need the money for the next five years, why bother to worry about a short-term market correction.

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