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  • Mike_Gerenser Mike_Gerenser Feb 27, 1998 1:14 PM Flag

    what's with INTC today?

    man...looks like some people are cashing in...any thoughtS?


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    • Thanks for your "tongue in cheek" News Alert. At the end of a less than spectacular day it was needed to force a smile. Even though some didn't seem to get it, they never had lives anyway..... so big deal.
      I took my lumps like everyone else today but refuse to dial 1-800-WAA-AAAA and whine.
      Intel is still the leader until someone else takes over the lead.
      Simple as that.

    • This is news from the future?

      Did whoever quoted this say what his source was?

      Did you find it at "Silicon Investor?"

      Very disturbing....

    • WirelessJ,

      I can't believe there are people who would waste time on creating such a phony news release.

      I wonder if anyone believes in this.

    • well, what a story N times 8086 inside ?

      That explains the bad performance of the PC's .... - but I think it's a oversimplyfied explanation of things - in fact it's bullshit. Anybody (100 men in two years)can make a chip with the performance of a Pentium today to a price close to Intels - and you know what ? that's what's happening. Now, next problem is that you need SW .... and the answer to that is JAVA. So, what we just have seen with Intel stock could happen to another company that makes a lot of SW - N times DOS inside ?????

    • Found this on another message board:

      SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Reuters) - Intel Corporation in a sweeping disclosure today revealed that all X86 microprocessor
      generations since the 80286 16 bit design have been nothing more than parallel processors containing multiple copies of the 8088
      microchip. This includes the 80386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro and Pentium II. Although speed has followed gate geometry in an ever
      increasing spiral upward in performance, the actual design of an Intel microprocessor has remained largely unchanged for nearly fifteen

      Present at the news briefing were several Intel corporate officers, including CEO Andrew Grove, financial analysts and the press. "How else do you think we have been able to earn over 30% after tax operating in the semiconductor industry" barked Mr. Grove to a visibly disturbed Tom Kurlak, top semiconductor analyst at Merrill Lynch. "We made money, more money than any electronics company will ever see again this side of the century mark" he continued.

      A reporter then asked a now shaken Andy Grove if that meant AMD could have saved the hundreds of millions it spent developing the K6 by simply stepping the 8088 design they already were licensed to produce in 1984. "That's the logical conclusion you may draw" replied Grove. And for the first time showing a nervous hint of a smile he added "And they didn't have to even sue us either."

      Dennis Carter, vice president, Intel corporate marketing provided the following formulas:
      " A 80286, that was 8-12 8088s. The 386 was about 24, and the 486 depending on generation was from 48 to 256 8088s. In the Pentium stage we took a quantum leap, and we began with 2048 8088s, continuing to 8192 8088s with the Pentium Pro. Pentiums IIs also contain 8,000 8088s. In the new Merced we will have anywhere from 64,000 to 256,000 8088s. And the new Celeron, targeted for the low-cost PC market, will actually have 512,000 4004s. We actually went back to our original 4 bit design
      for that one, and found that by stacking the chips one on top of
      another, we could offer a much lower cost product. Kind of like a celery stick. Ted Hoff lead the original Intel microprocessor inventor team out of retirement to help us complete the Celeron design".

      Apparently Hewlett Packard was prepared to back out of their two year joint development project on Merced with Intel after
      being told of the microprocessor Intel was planning. But HP CEO Lou Platt changed his mind after a moving personal appeal from
      Andy Grove eschewing the "simplicity and beauty" of the multiple architecture. Rick Belluzzo, the number two man at HP who was
      widely regarded as the successor to Platt, apparently left in disgust and become CEO at troubled Silicon Graphics, saying he
      preferred making microprocessors the "hard way".

      The only real challenge appeared to be the development of the
      interconnect method, and Intel engineers quickly devised a bonding apparatus employing copper wire interconnects. The only
      company that was able to discover Intel's design in the fifteen years was IBM, and Intel quickly granted IBM lifetime rights to all
      copper wire bonding technology in return for IBM's silence, and in fact had IBM patent the copper technology as its own. But the
      agreed silence only lasted until March 1998, and Intel said the reason that they are now disclosing the "Multiple 88 Inside"
      architecture is because IBM has informed them they intend to employ it for the new K6 and K7 designs they will fab with AMD.
      A bewildered National Semiconductor, which now produces the
      "Cyrix" CPU had no comment other than "huh", and executives at IDT's Centaur unit which bet the company on the C6' success in penetrating low cost PCs were reportedly booking tickets to Latin American destinations.

      Rtr 08:37 04-01-98

    • Sir, you are the God's brainchild. May I get more knowledge from you, almighty?

      My only regret, almighty, is that I didn't not short this thing that they called the World's biggest chipmiester. How I regret by not having more Franklins than the ones which I am possessing now.

    • SEE MY MESSAGE 4,991: see above-right for link.

      I was right! INTC is SCREWED!

    • Say,by to RADIO SHACK. CPQ takes over in March.

    • Listen to you once and got killed. I�ll close my puts Mon. or Tu. and open some April 100 calls. Join me this time, and you�ll make serious $$$. By the way, good trade on AMD.

    • I live in the market area, and all you hear on the radio is CTC communications....
      Sorry to the rest of you for non-Intel topic, last message on it

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