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  • sirwsj sirwsj Mar 3, 1998 11:03 AM Flag

    Interesting new memory chip technology c

    Hi I've been closely watching the products Irvine Sensor Technology plans to come out with (Nasdaq IRSN)

    They have some neat "stacked memory" stuff for which they received 2 good contracts for further development, by the US Army, and Boeing (last month). Stacked memory enables computing chips of extremely high density which is what Intel should be doing in the next century!

    They are also big into IR of a higher bandwidth. This is also a hot technology for the Defense sector.

    They have a prototype "digital film" that would be able to fit on regular 35mm cameras (non digital!) and be able to take snapshots using that film! Then the computer download is just the same thing as normal digital film!

    Anyways whoever's who's interested may check out their web site and the SEC filings. NO speculation here!

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    • I have heard of some puts that Intel sold that have no experation date. ( very special issue ) I believe that has something to do with the resistance that I've seen before. There are large holders of this stock that expect that it can not fall below that number and will bet the farm on it. However all of these forces will have to absorb the extra 78 million shares that are being unloaded on the market. We will see which side wins.


    • Gersh, you are the man. I appreciate the candor & quality of your posts & look forward to tomorrow's events. If the stock goes thru 69, why do you see a free fall? Fundamentals? herd mentality? or other?

    • tomorrow might pick up a little for my 401k probility good buy long term

    • I be thinking about 40 - 42 for my own little INTC split.

      BTW - the only animal that hunts man for fun is the Polar bear. They issues 45's to all the maint. people on the pipeline. Not to shoot the polar bear (fat chance) but to shoot themselves if cornered by a big white one.

      Thinkin' maybe I'll sit on this dough, cash in the OTC fund tommorow and wait till Thursday for another run at INTC.

      I really like this company.


    • As I said before I expect to see strong resistance ~69. Once it drops below 67 it should freefall again. I think that the dates are more important than than the price. 3/10 or 3/11 would be the cutoff date for the freefall that I refer to.

      In other words, if Intel hits 69 on Monday and seems to be forming a bottom there wait until 3/11 to see if it breaks through.

      Off topic has anyone seen the following warning from Alaska:

      In case anyone is considering doing some camping this summer, please note the following public service announcement:

      In Alaska, tourists are warned to wear tiny bells on their clothing when hiking in bear country. The bells warn away MOST bears. Tourists are also cautioned to watch the ground on the trail, paying particular attention to bear droppings to be alert for the presence of Grizzly Bears.

      One can tell Grizzly droppings because they have tiny bells in them.


    • this is only temp. BUT it's going to happen. As such it is better to be sitting on the sidelines with the capital in hand to pick it up where and when it falls.
      I have no doubts as to the engineering prowness of Intel. But engineering doesn't drive the stock market. Analysts do.

      Back in somewhere around 50.
      thanks Gersh


    • I agree with "pro intel". Merced is going to be incredible and AMD and Cyrix are not going to be able to clone it as easily as the 80?86. HP and Intel hold many patents on the Merced.

      AMD's Mr. Sanders I call "Colonial Sanders". He boasts a lot but can't deliver.

      Microsoft, HP, IBM, Intel, and others are working on computers for cars to allow such features as voice telephone, internet access, directions, and even driving the car. They will be in cars someday and do you know how many cars get sold each year?

      They are also working on integrating them into the home for controlling everything from the appliances, heating and air conditioning, burglar alarms, etc.

      The tech revolution has just begun. You ain't seen nothing yet. And John Doe is going to have a vary hard time starting up a company to compete because as things further evolve the cost of entry gets steeper.

      Now if you look long term the only thing that can unrail them is chips built on the molecular level instead of with silicon. But maybe they'll be smart and get into that industry as well.

    • Facts for non-chickens:
      Revenue = $5.9B
      Margin = 53%
      R&D = $3B
      Cap Spend = $5.3B
      Cash = about $10B
      MktShare = over 80%
      Products on horizon = Merced (Hi end) to Covington (lo end)
      Name recognition = highest of all
      CEO = man of the year, most respected in the industry
      MktCap = over $140B
      Fabs = several dozens, best in the world
      and more...
      Does that sound like gloom and doom?
      If 10% lower revenue scares one, should not be stocks, buy bonds with the National Guard backing it, or better yet bury cash in your backyard in non-metallic containers.
      If you want real gloom and doom to compare to, read AMD's SEC filing from yesterday, pay attention to what they say about Intel. 90% of $6.5B for Intel, see what's it's like for them.

      Wonder what the chickens did when Intel actual lost money one quarter many years ago? Driving the same VW van?

      (for those new to English, chickens are birds that can be scared easily.)


    • Gersh,

      Still interested in puts????


    • Interesting. I looked into your interpretation of the warrants and decided there is an element of truth here. I looked at the recent 32% rise in price on not much news. I looked at the correction in progress this week and decided to bail this early AM. (Never make decisions at 2 in the morning???) I figured at the least I could break back in next week at what I sold for.
      I got a little nervous at the 1 1/8 advance today but figure it's OK.
      So, I'm sitting here with 8500 dollars waiting for ?????

      Karma. That little old lady I didn't run off the road this morning n the way to work?

      Thanks, I owe ya a beer.


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