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  • Gersh_54 Gersh_54 Mar 9, 1998 4:55 PM Flag

    After hours trades

    After hour trades seem to have settled in at 75 1/4.
    Saw one block of 50,000 shares go by at 75 1/8

    There seems to be a large buyer out there @ 75. I think that dip will get blown past about 11:00 AM.

    Anyone buying INTC right now should have a stop loss order placed at the same time.

    A stop loss is a type of sell order that automaticly triggers when a stock reaches a set price going down. It is designed to prevent losses.


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    • Eyes on Kurlak. Not from the SEC. As an analyst, it's Kurlak's job to investigate the business conditions of a company, talk
      to the management of said company, suppliers, etc, and report his or her findings with concluding opinions to the retail
      brokers and institutional clients. He is just doing his homework, like all investors . Has Kurlak made money by buying and selling
      INTC in his own account? If you believe that, you surely do not understand how the game is played. Yes, Kurlak has been bearish
      (a hold rating) since late 97. His job is to look at the fundamentals, try to remove all emotion, and make a recommendation
      based on fundamentals alone. No tech. analysis is involved. Since Kurlak lowered his intermediate opinion to netural, yes the
      stock moved to the 90's, but IMHO, based on emotion, or people buying a great company for the long haul. Kurlak still has a buy
      rating for the long term (12 mos. out or longer). Short term the stock will be sideways to weak.
      Problems do exist, but INTC will in time work these out.

      Happy Investing


    • Everytime he opens his mouth i lose money, lots of money thats why.

    • I have never heard anyone say anything nice or even respectable about Kurlak. He must be one of those people everyone loves to hate.

    • Not really. Was tied up most of the day.

      Orders has been flying in. Had to order custom built crates
      at $93+ a pop. I wonder which semi-equip companies are ordering
      the stuff<G>!!!???? Didn't they know there's a slowdown<G>.

      Looks like all the semi stocks were getting cream...except
      AMD. I hope the covered calls (March 25's) don't get assigned.


    • "I believe Kurlak has been bearish on Intel since Sept 97. "

      Actualy since 8/6/97.

      Intresting day ... Did you watch any of the action?


    • I believe Kurlak has been bearish on Intel since Sept 97.

      He missed the brief runup to the 90's.


    • >>Kurlak's record is outstanding, and again he called this right on the money>>

      I find his ability to call this "right on the money" rather suspicious. I bet the SEC would take an interest in this remarkable ablity. Remember, insider trading laws aren't just targeted on the insiders buying or selling, it's also about the leaking of information to thrid parties who then do the trading.

      Smart money knew about the earnings shortfall when INTC was in the nineties. That explains the dip to the mid eighties, then INTC drops the bomb and whooosh were in seventies. Kurlak and his buddies with the smart money are now shoping for new Rolex watches, while INTC investors are hoping the wound doesn't continue to bleed.

      A lot of eyes will be on Kurlak..

    • INTCW, at this time, is unchanged from yesterday close.

      Sorry .. make that down 1/8 @ 54


    • how to invest in stocks with super-high P/Es. I guess you can say I'm afraid of them.

      My philosophy is to buy reasonably priced stocks unless you know for a fact that they have competent management. (This is why I have MSFT). Now if I was convinced that the Yahoo CEO's are competent I would buy their stock at any price. But I have no idea if they are.

      Take AOL. I briefly considered buying them last January but I did not. It was my opinion at that time that AOL management was sort of out-of-touch with their customers. I thought their original and present pricing schemes were foolish and they bobbled an opportunity to build a rock solid internet monopoly in late 1995. They are doing OK now, but their empire is vulnerable.

    • Today .. now you say we'll see 80 before 71. If you're right I'll spring for a bottle of ( resonably priced ) bubbly. If not you spring for a case of domestic beer.

      Hows that?


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