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  • I need some advice. I left over 40,000 in a 401k account when I quit my job last year. I can no longer contribute, but feel comfortable with the money managers at the company. I am now self employed, and am not comfortable with the 401k plan at my husbands company. I'm not sure if I should leave such a sum sitting when I can't add to it. We have other investments, but this is our largest. Thank you!

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    • Yapik, you asked for advice regarding your 401K account. Some of the advice you will get on this board will be worthwhile and useful, but only in a general sense. Some advice may be harmful to you, while the same advice might be beneficial to another. Some advice will be intelligent, some absolutely baseless in fact or in foundation.

      In my infinite wisdom, I will now offer you the very best advice I am capable of. Do not act on any investment advice that is offered on these message boards. It's O.K. to read and consider the advice, if only to sample others' opinions, but do not act upon the advice.

      It is absolutely imperative that you do your own research, in combination with getting input from a trusted accountant or similiar professional. Only use one who will have your best interest, not his/hers, at heart. Remember, people in your position are prime targets for those who are very proficient at relieving you of your precious savings.

      Tread with care. Exercise, as it is known in the investment community, "due diligence".

      I humbly now stand ready to receive a barrage of flaming responses to this off topic post.

    • Perhaps you could expand on your comments. What is it about your husband's plan that makes you uncomfortable?

    • The opportunity you have is to rollover the amount into a self directed IRA or a ROTH IRA. Depending on your income and risk tolerance you can select the best investment vechicle. I suggest that unless your are an investor by trade or have ready advice stick with mutuals. If you like or have knowledge of a stock sector find a sector fund. Otherwise your on a board for a leader in the industry, put some down and find other investments to help you in your retirement.

    • give me your money and I will enjoy it by spending it like a drunk sailor...and not worrying about it like you are dimwit..

    • Well it may be a good idea to roll your 401k into an account in your name at the same institution. this would get your money
      into a place where you can add to it(good for tax time), and have a little more control about what happens to it. All you need to
      do is research for a firm that has your gaols and needs in mind, set up an account, then you call the HR people at your old
      company and request a 401k rollover form. fill it out and get the ball rolling. The new firm may be able to assist you in getting
      transfered. hope this helps


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