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  • mikebert mikebert Mar 26, 1998 9:17 PM Flag

    Congratulations to all

    who kept the faith. I sold out last week at 77 3/4 after I lost faith that INTC it would reach 80 before the market corrected. I still believe a correction is in the cards soon, but 80 is now so close-maybe tomorrow?

    Oh well, can't win em all :)

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    • very good point gersh-would also explain how tk called sell just before pre anncmt.

      But i dont think they will let me check trading records.

    • Have you seen any information about ML doing all of the marketing of put warrants for Intel?

      Could explain TK


    • I agree wholeheartedly! The PE is too low.


    • this is good for the shareholders. It equates to less share outstanding. So, the same moaney is chasing less shares - price
      goes up (all things being equal). If a company thinks their long term outlook is bright (stock price moving up), but also sees
      that the short term looks bleak and has cash, it is in their best interest to buy back shares while the price is depressed. When
      the price increases (in the long run), the shares they bought back are worth more. If the company feels their future is bleak
      (both long and short), they may opt to issue more shares - this will give the company cash in exchange for shares that the company
      thinks will be worth less in the future.

    • and it will be interesting to see what happens.

    • No, I'm not Kurlak. The basis for my confidence in my statements about his research opinions stem from the simple fact I
      have read his research. As for him lumping the DRAMS and microprocessors together, I don't beleive that is quite true. Yes, he is
      cautious short term on both, but he speaks of a transition period short term for the microprocessors, and speaks of a "bloodbath" for
      DRAMS. He has INTC, MU, TXN rated neutral for the short term (6-12 mos), but INTC and TXN rated a buy for the long term 12 Mos+.
      They are not in the same boat. The difference of opinions, your "bet" that INTC will not reach the levels mentioned earlier and
      others opinions that INTC will reach those levels, are what makes the markets great. No matter what happens to the markets and
      individual stocks in the next few months, we will always be able to debate the whys, and hows and look forward to the whats of the
      future. The best to the future for you and all that post interesting info on this and many boards.

    • do you work for merrill-else how do you profess to know so much about what he thinks sound quite confident of your statement re his position.

      you did not respond to my objection or accusation on his lumping the drams with the logics

      Peck (of cowen) is even more vocal and repetitive. Candidly i think from their conduct they are trying to knock the stock down to the level you mention kurlak would like. I bet it aint gonna happen. You talk fundamentals-I have learned that technical action, when definite, is more accurate.

      As to correction (10% 0r more) maybe-but more probably the Dow will do some backing and filling before a legitimate assault on 9000. Meanwhile the Nasdaq led by intel in the leadership position again will take off. Did you read my post after the kurlak one.?

    • First, Kurlak does not cover IBM for ML. He only covers the Semi's (INTC, MU, TXN, XLNX, etc.)

      By rational I mean this: We have on this thread people predicting the doom of a 20-25% correction, while others seem to
      indicate that the markets will go straight up forever with no intermediate correction. What will happen?? Certainly a correction is
      possible. The fundamentals for a continued strong market in the future is in place. Please don't misundestand my position on INTC.
      Great company and management , in the forefront of the technology revolution. Are there some issues in the short term to be
      concerned about? I beleive so, but nothing to damper the great expcetations for INTC in the long run. Kurlak beleives INTC is going
      through a transition that may have an effect on INTC's ability to grow rev's an earnings for the next couple quarters. That is not a
      doom and gloom picture of one of the greates companies. He is still bullish longterm. Will the stock go to 70? 65? lower if the
      market as a whole corrects? Who really knows? If it does, it will present a tremendous buying opportunity for the long term
      investor. Just the same, the 75-80 range, 3 years from now will look to have been a great buying opportunity. I am long the stock and
      have been for a few years and unless something changes, I will continue to hold the long position for years to come. I must
      admit, I did buy puts in FEB before the announcement, and have added to my position. That is just speculation for the short term.
      Long live INTC!!

    • what you agree with?

      I would be shocked if intel buys the stock back at even half the rate of ibm-a kurlak favorite according to the message
      board.-ibm is a dying co. Big Blue is going the way of the Blue meatball. they took huge writeoffs so their revenues are not hit by
      depreciation. Intel's are strongly affected by the huge plant build up to make the chips. No one can make their chips with their
      efficiency. Check their total cash flow. I curse Kurlak cause he keeps lumping the microprocessors with the drams and he knows
      better.-so he is deliberately misleading.but he works for the right company as Orange county calif would say.

      or the owners of their mutual funds. Remember the lyons-they fucked their customers. legally they were entitled.

      There are class brokerage cos., merrill aint one of them.

      see my next post for an explanation of buyback, resignation and early warnings announcement. a rational explanation must tie the three together.since they were made at virtually the same time they had to be part of a major judgment by the top.

    • Questions:

      When a company announces a stock buyback, do they have to buy all the announced shares? No.

      Do they have to buy them immediately? No. Maybe the company feels current stock price is a good value or they anticipate a better price in the near future???

      What does Kurlak, who has often been a strong proponent of INTC when the fundamentals warrant, have to gain from his near term negative view? Any rational responses would be appreciated.

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