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  • wallstreetadvisor wallstreetadvisor Apr 6, 1998 2:59 PM Flag

    buy on DIPS

    INTC is a great company, you should know by now that buying on dips will make you money. don't go with the crowd

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    • Thanks for the direction. And the correction. :)

      I'll check out the resources.

      Expect some e-mail from me.

    • I bought CHSE in Feb 98, not July 97.

    • There is a wealth of info right here on Yahoo. You can read SEC reports and get eps data right off of them. I use a computerized search service (Telescan) to hunt for stocks. Six weeks ago I acted on two tips from right here on the ole INTC board. The first was UTI which I got at 12 1/2 and the second was CHSE which I got at 19 1/8 last July. You can check these stocks out, they are pretty good. So you can get good suggestions (sometimes) just my lurking on the boards.

      My favorite stock I own is ANLT which I found through Telescan. I bought 700 of this last July for 19 1/4. It has since risen to a high of 53 and then pulled back to 42. After I took my lumps on INTC yesterday I bought 1000 more ANLT today at 43. You may want to look at ANLT, but even at 43 it's pretty pricy. (I've had an order for 38 1/4 for weeks (still do), but doubt I'll ever get any at that price).

    • Sorry Mikebert,

      I'm really a very small-time investor. I only own two issues
      and INTC is the better half of my investment funds.

      You've shown me how little I know.

      What do you think of IBD? I've tried reading it, but find the listings pages really a pain. Too spread out. Also, the news is way behind the internet. Any recommendations for a better source?

    • I'm mostly a long-term investor. I have orders to buy a bunch of my favorite long-term stocks at prices that are below those available recently. If the market were to drop some, I'll quite probably pick up some or all of them, which would put me into margin about 100K. In the last week, my market model gave signs that the market may be going up another leg, I would be unlikely to pick up all of orders, such as INTC at 65.

      Figuring that the 75 support would hold, I bought on Monday. Well it didn't, so now I held INTC at 4 1/2 above the next support (at 70), which is akin to holding INTC at 79 1/2 last week. I wasn't interested in INTC at 79 1/2 then and I'm not now either, so I bailed.

    • I would love to buy a dip...Give me an entry point...

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      • but I bought the dip. What! you say. Aren't the clown with the 65 limit order? Yep that's me. I still have it too. But the market has to recede for me to get that price and I don't think that is going to happen this month. Despite the tech carnage, my market model was UP AGAIN today. Sheesh. I put in an order for 1000 INTC at 74 1/2 (just under the 75 support, where it dipped last time) for for a short term trade.

        After the market's close I check and see that INTC fell to 73 7/8. Hmmm, that's not so good. Maybe I made a mistake. Oh well, one lives and learns. This was my very first intentional short-term trade.

        What do the other traders out there think? After making my first short term play I can see how emotions can run high. I seem to have more emotional cookies riding the 75K in INTC than on the 450K in my long-term portfolio. Does anyone else experience this?

      • am interested in whether you think this is a one quarter dip, or if the technology downturn in general is a longer term trend.

    • forgetabodit, intc can not compete with the new nat semi pc on a chip. sell now and save your butt!

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