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  • HB199210 HB199210 May 24, 1998 3:46 AM Flag

    Window98 is the major reason for slow PC

    As my friend, PC saleman, said, the ordinary PC
    shopper always asks when the window98 would be availabel.
    customers do not bother to deal with upgrade the windows
    themselves, and for those clients, the pc saleman always
    recommend them to wait until windwow98 availabel.

    am waiting for window98 for long time in order to
    get the third PC at home. One pc purchase would allow
    me to upgrade my another two PC at home. I just do
    not understand why DOJ would attack msft for their
    popular product. If someone else has any product, just
    show it up. These kinds of things just look like socks
    only good for two years. If anyone has better products
    and better demonstration, its market domination would
    change overnight.

    Gates should be a little more
    generous to politician in political donation.

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    • Bmw R1100 less ABS brakes $9300.00 to $10,200.00

    • Didn't realize my argruments were just from the
      price standpoint.
      FYI, I think the point can be made
      for BOTH price and performance. Perhaps the later
      point will be evident when
      the K6-2 launches


    • Mike, you keep reiterating the same hopeless
      argument--and that is AMD can compete on price alone. Its a
      failed strategy. But I guess we'll all wait around for
      things to play out to demonstrate
      that AMD's time is
      all but finished.

    • That was a good answer!

    • Go AMD, Go AMD, Gooooo AMD!

    • The ground on which AMD I think AMD is a buy.
      Recent HP news and
      prices on their current chips
      seems to indicate they overcome
      their yield
      problems. There are four tier 1 using AMD's
      Compare this with last year. I may or may not have post
      recent prices on AMD chips in comparison to Intel. If
      check out the price
      differences is
      greater than 25%...closer to 40%. This
      leads me to believe
      AMD's yield problem is over.
      Don't forget 2H98 IBM ramps up
      with K6 and HP is
      jumping ship to use K6.


    • I liken it to a gas tank...someone will fill it up. Before long it'll be the norm. Everyone will need and WANT a large tank.

    • -Buy a little scanner (150$) , make a 2400dpi
      scan: It will take you half an hour to manipulate the

      -Perform an OCR on a 100page book : it will take you

      -Make an archive system, to archive your
      documentations..... By a simple 150$Pagis.Pro: you will see your CPU
      sweating !

      -Do some Voice-Image- surfing: Not only
      your internet is the bottleneck !
      -Try Voicetyping
      -Make a Voice archive

      -Ever done cluster
      analysis ?
      -ever performed indexing of gigabyte
      databases ?
      -ever searched the 4Gb harddrive for a file
      -ever swapped from application one to five while 10
      applications are open ? Fe receiving a fax, opening an excell
      spreadsheet, open your OCR Textbridge, open your Write file,
      Scan a file etc....

      Problem is that most people
      use things for what they easily go, PC is still a
      typewriter for most, and maybe a surftool for the rest.
      Spreadsheet has probably reached 10%; So a minority is doing
      things above, because you have to be a little bit
      searching the limits yourself....
      My network runs with
      8Gb now (upgraded 1 year ago) , it's now limiting
      myself, think of quadrupling again. I run 160Mhz, it's
      limiting myself, think of doubling or tripling too...

    • Kurlak indicated that one of his concerns is that
      INTC has converted to the .25 micron process. INTC has
      already said that they are converting to the .18 micron
      process by mid next year.
      Kurlak says he forsee's a
      price war on the horizon. If so, how is an unprofitable
      venture such as AMD going to be left standing??? I know
      you have indicated on another Board that you believe
      they are a good buy--with the pressures they face just
      to run in place--let alone keep up--what's your
      basis for suggesting they are a buy??? There is a house
      cleaning coming--I think some refer to it as the
      headlights of the train--and the outcome hardly seems in

    • If you have the answer to the question you raise
      you can become a very wealthy person. Whatever it is
      it will be evolutionary, not revoluntionary. INTC
      has faced this same issue before--it not virgin
      territory. Cheap PC's are not a new paradigm--they have been
      with us all along. Capacity issues are not a new
      paradigm--there are no new paradigms for the forseeable
      Application and Need are not new paradigms--its been created
      as we go along. My next guess is probably the
      portable and autmobile marketplace--but then who knows.

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