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  • MikeLiuT MikeLiuT Dec 5, 1998 10:39 AM Flag


    Hi AMD & Intel fans! It's been a great year!

    I took some profit and started looking at other
    stocks and
    came accross this one...SFLX. Seems to be

    Is this stock undervalued by 153+% or 46+%?
    anyone know how to read this???

    Sorry for going
    Off Topic.


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    • buy low and sell high<G>.
      Easier said than done.

      BTW, sold covered calls on ADPT today as well.


    • once while going up and once while going down.


    • haven't looked at the big picture. INTC has
      increased earnings constantly and invests those ernings in
      other companies that may or may not reflect on INTC
      earnings (no profits show until INTC sells the holding).
      The big key, and the reason that INTC increases in
      value at the 40% level is that INTC does not have to
      sell these holdings to generate earnings.
      this is to hard for you to understand. Try this, a
      farmer grows more food than he needs, he eats well, and
      sells the rest for gold. Every year he grows more food,
      so, he doesn't have to eat the gold.

    • December 9, 1998

      the NASDAQ opens weaker, these two stocks may be
      vulnerable: Intel (INTC) and Texas Instruments (TXN). INTC
      exhibited a gravestone doji, after trading above its upper
      Bollinger Band until the final two hours of Tuesday's
      trading. TXN exhibited a shooting star and a crossed (but
      not declining) Slow Stochastic chart.

      INTC equity put options exhibited bullish hammers,
      demonstrating their strong potential for a drop in the INTC
      share price and a rally in the put options. You may
      wish to consider the INTC December 120 puts (INQXD)
      instead of the December 115 puts (INQXC), despite the
      greater leverage of the latter, with only 8 trading days
      left in this series. These should only be short-term
      trades, as we suspect that INTC may be temporarily
      vulnerable down to the range of $117-3/4 and $118-3/4.

      The TXN December 85 puts offer a reasonable premium,
      all things considered, and closed at $2.25/contract
      on Tuesday. TXN may only be vulnerable to between
      $83-7/8 and $85/share.

    • into a lot of resistance at 120. The stochastic
      is doing a bear crossing and pointing to some near
      term weakness. However the overall trend is up and
      this pull back after a new high is to be expected.
      Look for some more new highs as the technicals are
      still strong.
      For technical analysis presented in
      easy to understand language with the aid of annotated
      charts to enable all investors to actively participate
      in evaluating market conditions visit

    • it seems that law enforcement in not allowing
      kurlak in the san jose or greater bay area. top off his
      embarassment om intc look at the call on TXN

      the same
      applies for the ml analyst that has a near term neutral
      on CPQ.

      glad i don't listen to those

    • price if intel has only less than 20% increase in revenue

    • intc makes big bucks, but does deserve 40%
      increase in stock price if intel will have only 17-18%
      increase in revenue annually.

      Look at hi-techs
      from msft to yhoo, they have more than 50% growth

      Feb rate cut is going to happen, and financial stocks
      as cci, bt and other local banks would soon back to
      their highs.

      citigroup (c) is the powerful
      internet bz model, too. they have started internet banking
      bz two years ago. Now they are going to hook up all
      retail and travel agencies with internet, they costumers
      pay their bill through citibank server while shopping
      in internet. costumers may have free internet access
      through their local bank and will feel much saver to do
      shopping and bz around the globe.

      This is real
      internet bz which only citibank can provide. Field, you
      are smart genius!!

    • I can certainly agree with your experience on the
      PC purchase. Unfortunately it happens every year -
      sometimes every six months as technology upgrades occur. In
      regards to the overall semiconductor market, and 1999
      there are predictions that the "book to bill ratio"
      will be in the high .9's or 1.00 to better. The
      economic growth predictions for the year are 2 - 3 %
      overall. Of course this is good and bad. We should all
      expect another few down days as the portfolio managers
      lock in profits so they can meet their year end goals
      (hopefully to beat the S&P 500.) I've provided a link that
      gives a nice report of the coming years semiconductor
      market. There are other reports by this organization
      available, some free some for sell.

      Good luck with
      your PC. Since I sit heavy on C-Cube, also, I hope our
      new unit has CUBE Inside for your

    • You may be right. BTW, I sold December 30 covered
      calls and
      collected 1 1/2 per share. If AMD get
      assigned at 30 so be it.

      Point I was making...AMD
      and Intel are a bit high...don't you



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