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  • seller77 seller77 Feb 4, 1999 5:47 PM Flag


    If you think that INTC is not going to get
    fucked, think again. AMD has killed your prices of
    CELERON chips -40%!!!!! What the hell do you think is
    going to happen to the prices of the PIII when the AMD
    K6-3 and K7 come out which are on schedule!!! INTC is
    going to have to slash prices!!! INTC has NEVER had
    competition!!! Now it does and all they can do is compete at the
    price level, as their chips are no different than that
    of AMD. People do not give a shit if the computer
    SAYS INTEL INSIDE. All they care about is price
    performance! So how is INTC going to make money???? Can anyone
    of you INTC fans tell me??? Please tell me. I would
    love some responses!

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    • Please don't call Kurlak a Putz, because:

      1) it means 'penis' in Yiddish.
      2) it is
      offensive to many people.
      3) it performs a useful
      function, unlike Kurlak.

      [Sorry for breaking my own
      rule, and using that word. But call him something else.
      Jerk seems to fit. Idiot is OK,


      Roger Roger

    • What is REALLY amazing is that Intel's has got
      its act together and is STILL making profit on
      Celeron's. The more they make, the more they can afford to
      drop prices.

      K63 ( id it ever makes it into a
      system you can buy ) is not even a match for Celeron. It
      will have to undersell Celerons.

      K7 "might" be
      able to go against Coppermine, but I've read there may
      be some serious design issues that were not
      carefully thought out. AMD might beat INTC into the fab on
      this one, but INTC will
      remain the speed leader
      throughout the Millenium.

      I think you might be right
      about Intel Inside. It may not make a difference to the
      bottom end systems. Except when the consumer is faced
      with choosing between an AMD system for $1250 versus a
      INTC system for $1100. Check out how Compaq is trying
      like mad to get rid of its high priced AMD

      I won't do you the favor of showing you how to
      generate and increase profits.

      You should have
      learned that in BUS101.

    • merrill will soon realize that tom kurlak - wants
      to be known as "tomtom" (his showbiz name) or
      "shi*head" (as the street knows him"- as he beats his drum
      trying to keep his name infront of the market.

      hasn't been correct for the last year or so, stock drops
      - his family makes money on their puts - stock
      drops and he buys calls.

    • He comments INTC
      his puts triple in
      now he buys 2 extra houses and pays back his

      He does this each quarter
      soon he will be fired,
      because client for ML, won't pay anymore to loose money
      to him, as everybody goes direct via internet

      So the problem will solve, and INTC will prove
      itself, don't worry INTC worth 250$/share

    • He recommends AMD and what happens ....they are in deep doodoo because MOMMA INTEL will bury's not nice to fool with mother nature!

    • I am puzzled as to why there are still so many
      people listen to Kurlack. The lemmings that invest their
      money based on his recommendations lost money:
      Recommended sell when INTC @65 and it went up tp 140+
      missed the opportunity to more than double the
      2 At 143 11/16, he upgraded the stock to strong
      buy, and the stock started to go down
      -- Lost 10%
      when they sold today after his

      Many people got burned twice, but if they are stupid
      enough and sold today, it would be a "three strike and
      out" and should consider putting money in bank CDs.

    • .....look thru history,,,,look a the dja
      graphs,,,,,,they all have peak and valleys......but if u step
      back,,,,the general trend is upwards...... treat
      all this bs as buying opportunities....afterall when
      everyone is heading for the exit ,,,,,,i like to pick and
      choose my next investment vehicle,,,,,

      think,,,,orcl.....i got it for 22$......just because ellison missed
      earnings by a few cents(??).....if i would have waited a
      few days,,,,i could have bought it for 18.5$ like my
      sooooo......i actually look forward to corrections after a nice
      healthy run,,,,,,so i can choose more stocks,,,,,,i treat
      these corrections like a president's sale on
      stocks,,,,,, :-)

    • It really bothers me what has caused the market
      or the NASDAQ to make such an adjustment today. The
      only things I can find is that Kurlack cut the earning
      estimate for Intel siting the price war and Wall Street is
      worry about the interest rate hike bias. To me, these
      are bunch of bulls shit news released by someone
      whose intension is to create market volatility and
      benefit from it.

      The Intel investor relationship
      guy (forgot his name) issued his comments during a
      conference about lower earning estimate compared to the last
      quarter (seasonal factors) but expects a very good
      quarter. Do I believe news issued from Intel or do I
      believe Mr Kurlak who's been wrong all these time. I find
      it very interesting that he released the combined
      news cutting INtel estimate and downgrading AMD at the
      time. He is trying to justify the estimate cut by
      citing the price war. To me, he is using AMD as a
      scapegoat to amplify the effect of the INtel estimate cut
      by downgrading AMD at the same time. Beside, it's a
      cut of only 3.3% and what does that tell you?
      Everybody can make their own decision.

      Interest rate
      hike? GIve me a break! It's not even realistic in the
      near term if you look at the ripple effects on Brazil
      if Greenspan hike the rate. So much bull and people
      still fell for it.

      I will try to get some LEAPS
      on Intel tomorrow! (thinking on the same wavelength
      of that AxxhXXX!)

    • ...i disagree with your kurlack
      assessment......personally i think he's STUPID!!.......but u maybe
      as for the amd-intc interplay your scenario echos my
      wifes 1st cousins the way,,,,he was an
      ex-production manager for intc ( he's now retired),,,,,no
      intc needs amd,,,,,,for anti trusts reasons, just like
      u said......and amd always fucks up,,,,,,even 1st
      cous knew that (which means all of intc management
      knows too)......i asked 1st cous what intc intends to
      do with amd eating up the low end,,,,,,,,he just
      shrugged and stated that its the high end where the real
      profit margins are...
      the low end has a limited
      future ,,,,in terms of margins.....and
      its a known
      fact that when merced comes out, basically the server
      market has thrown in the towel to intc,,,,,,merced will
      dominate based on its potential,,,,but more so,,,,,its
      relative low cost.....
      he also stated that intc is
      still a good investment (all his options are
      here),,,,but dont expect intc to grow as rapidly as it once
      ......keep the faith,,,,,,,,,intel inside

    • I have only posted a few messages to the board.
      Nevertheless, Kurlak is such a vial, putz that shoots from the
      hip. He must have the IQ of a tree stump..well that's
      insulting to tree stumps. Only Kurlak will tell you to
      avoid INTC when it was down in the 80's..what a
      putz..Edelstone was telling people to double down and get
      more..someone should teach Kurlak how to review a company.

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