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  • paranoidfreud paranoidfreud Jul 15, 1999 10:27 AM Flag

    INTC on CNBC 19

    Tom Costello, NASDAQ, covered INTC this morning
    on CNBC. It is the number one most active stock. A
    summary of the report is linked to the CNBC Specials
    page. Get there through the following

    • AMD is a typical party spoiler of semi. As long as it exists, sb is going to lose money on R&D and on sale.

    • I'm (way) long on Intel also, have been for some
      time & very overweighted in my portfolio, thanks to
      splits. As you've pointed out in some of your posts,
      Intel is diversifying into much more of a
      telecom./networking co. and while PC chips will be it's "bread &
      butter" for some time, the diversification will lead to
      long-term growth (as Internet growth also continues) for
      years to come. I think within a couple of years Intel
      will have a P/E similar to Cisco, Lucent, Microsoft,
      etc. and long term investors will be greatly

      Good luck, I'll watch for your posts.


    • I'm long-term on Intel... way long term. I don't
      even play the dips. So far I haven't been
      disappointed. :-)

      As far as who I am? I'm a computer
      geek from way WAY back who still has fond memories of
      his 486 with a whopping 8Meg of RAM and the
      blindingly fast 9600 Baud modem.

      As far as
      StrongARM, I'm not quite as savvy on that product group.
      Hypothetically there will be a new one for the Intel 0.18 micron
      process. Current demand is very high and seems to be
      capacity constrained.

      As far as the server farms
      and what not, Intel has been pretty tight lipped
      about them as well as the work with AD. I'll keep my
      eyes open on all of the normal IT press and see what

    • Well, those phantom people who "aren't" buying
      Pentium III's tripled it's sales last quarter. You seem
      to throw around a lot of numbers as to the supposed
      performance of the K7. I'm waiting for an independent
      benchmark at this point (as AMD and INTC aren't exactly the
      best sources of information regarding their own

      Furthermore, AMD is yet to demonstrate that they can actually
      PRODUCE it. The K6-3 is a less complicated chip than the
      K7, and they managed to thoroughly muff production of

      Remember, it isn't about who has the fastest chip, it's
      about who has the fastest chip IN QUANTITY that they
      can MAKE MONEY ON! INTC could do tons better than the
      Pentium III, but could they manufacture enough to make it
      profitable at this point??? The key word is PROFIT. I
      suggest that AMD should learn the meaning of that term
      soon, else they'll become a non-entity.

    • consise logic & insight on INTC vs. AMD 3Q
      issues. I agree with all your points, they seem to be
      right on target (almost too good, I'm wandering who the
      hell you are).

      I never see you speculating on
      the future price of Intel's stock though. You'd
      probably say that Intel is a great growth co. & for
      long-term investors the stock will continue to outperform &
      set new highs (as it's done in the past). I'm waiting
      for the time when Intel get's a (higher) P/E similar
      to Cisco, Lucent, Microsoft, etc....which they

      Besides the 600mhz PIII, Coppermine, & Merced milestones
      you mentioned, any insight for qtrs. 3/4 on:

      -next generation SrongARM (SA-2) chip release?

      -First Server Farm & first customers?
      telecom. products (chips) from venture with Analog

      Otherwise, I enjoy your posts, keep them coming!


    • Arent buying that many PIII's is because there
      isn't that much of a performance advantage between the
      PII , PIII, & Celeron.

      The Athlon, on the
      other hand, can deliver from 30 to 50 % higher
      performance for the same price as the PIII. Only and 800mhz
      PIII could even come close to the performance of a 550
      mhz K7. What does the PIII offer? Faster Internet?
      (yeah right).

    • they need to see 70 before take an action. intc
      will easily hit all time high by next week. we need
      one more good news to send this baby fly above 70.
      only serious investor, like me, be rewarded for
      holding intc long, looooong, looooooooooonnnnnnggg time.

    • AMKR was recommended on CNBC. This company is the
      largest in its business and it carries a P/E that is
      about half of its competitors. Since the end of June,
      the institutional buying has been HUGE! CHECK IT OUT!
      Responses welcome.

    • For all of you rich people who owned INTC now is
      your time to get rich again. NETS is poised to take
      off. UP 3+ today and climbing. Price target set of $50
      12 months and $130 past that. At less than $25 it is
      a steal. They have a web site to be launched next
      month and by then it will be too late. Get in today!!!

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