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  • hot_inside_tips hot_inside_tips Aug 6, 1999 2:30 PM Flag

    IFLY is up!Vacation rev. is good!

    It is oversold! This year's tourists' vacational
    booking for
    the summer is abnormally strong due to
    wealth effect!!!

    Earning release is on 8/16.
    Very few floating shares available.
    This summer
    is the strongest season in company's history.

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    • Although dealers and distributors have been able
      to buy Intel's .25 micron 600MHz part and the 500MHz
      Celeron for some weeks, as reported here, the big guns
      will roll out their versions tomorrow.

      Intel PIII/600 for sale: applies price fork to AMD)

      Compaq will introduce 600MHz Pentium III versions of the
      AP200 and AP400 workstations tomorrow. Intel's choice
      of 2 August is to coincide with the annual graphics
      and workstation shindig called Siggraph.

      move is part of Intel's desire and need to whip up as
      much interest in the Pentium III as possible in a bid
      to queer AMD's K7 Athlon pitch.

      It is
      already producing the 600MHz Pentium III at .25 micron in
      quantity and offered the part to its dealers early so that
      they could also offer PCs at corporate launch-time.

      Again, as reported here, Intel made pre-emptive price
      moves on its PIII processors two weeks ago to further
      pressure its would-be rival.


      ATHLON: Fight the Pentium III
      The results of
      the Sysmark test
      Sysmark 98,1,0 (1) Athlon 600
      PIII 600 PIII 550
      SysmarkRating 252 229 212

      OfficeProductivity 242 229 212
      Content Creation 266 229 213

      Run1=Bryce�2 294 239 215
      8.0 275 249 230
      Run3=Elastic Reality�3.1 249 229
      Run4=Excel 97 217 211 195
      3D(TM) 2 279 230 215
      227 218 204
      Run7=Netscape�4.05 211 209 195

      Run8=OmniPage pro�8.0 265 233 216
      Run9=Paradox�8.0 235 230
      Run10=Photoshop�4.0.1 232 218 209

      Run11=PowerPoint�97 235 229 211
      Run12=Premiere�4.2 268 243 232

      Run13=Word 97 269 253 232
      Encoder 2.1 270 223 205

    • ..stuff:

      Coppermine (not real copper, but
      aluminium): LATE
      Willamette: LATE
      Merced (64 bits):
      LATE. Who will have the SW to run on 64

      Yes, you will smell the coffee on Monday, because,
      Athlon will be Intel worst nightmare, AMD even has a
      650Mhz x86


    • Take a look at the after hours quotes. Does it
      seem to the rest of you today that the action after
      hours often is indicative of what will happen in the
      market the next day?

      Could that hold true here?

      Cut and paste this or retype it in your browser to
      get there>>>

      the way, the link is free INTC investors!!!!

    • After it splits!!!

    • As I pointed out in my posts

      PIIs PIIIs
      K6's K7 are all at the same generation of

      If you compare PII's PIII's K6's K7 the performance
      difference were all at the same ORDER of magnitude.
      design architecture were only slightly

      AMD didn't deliver on the latest tech.

      should compare 486's to Pentiums or K6 K7, now that's a
      generation leap.

      K7 and K6 or PII's and PIII's are
      all 32bits.

      the 32 bits don't have much more
      room to grow.

      Intel already have chips better
      than AMD, but they are unwilling to release those
      without a. a near perfect production yield and
      b. they
      want to squeeze more profit out of the current

      the next step forward is the 64 bit architecture. We
      all know that Intel has the Merced in place. That's
      the first step in the leap. Once that step is reach
      anymore subsequent steps are much more faster and easier
      to achieve.

      Just like Pentium from 486 and
      look at how fast it goes from Pentium to

      Right now AMD is still trying to squeeze anything out
      of K7.
      They don't have anything at the 64 bit
      front what so ever.
      Their late start WILL cost them
      dearly, assuming that they even survived that

      Try think back to the 486 era, AMD and cyrix both
      produced better 486's then Intel, but then Intel came out
      with Pentium and AMD, cyrix were too slow to react and
      have been playing catch up till now.

      even if K7 is a success it will be shortlived as the
      technology leap to the next generation.

      Wake up and
      smell the coffee.

      I am getting pretty sick of
      these hypes.
      As an investor you are free to
      speculate and take chances.
      But AMD is a company and
      they should think more clearly and planned with more

    • Give me the link, it is late on every product

      And while "Intel is exploring both options". AMD
      already delivers, look at the latest benchmark, INTEL is

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