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  • stocksguru_1 stocksguru_1 Aug 23, 1999 2:17 PM Flag

    Will Intel get out of CPU biz, since it

    is becoming a commodity... HA HA HA..


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    • When you own 80% of the market, you better be a
      little paranoid about antitrust. Intel has played this
      game as well as anyone could. They have consistently
      cut prices, contrary to normal monopoly pricing
      practices. they have allowed amd and motorola to maintain
      about 20% of the market. they haven't attacked the
      embedded market, where they could make life miserable for
      a lot of people with there low cost

      You got to like a company that consistently gives you
      25% price appreciation on your stock.

    • Try to look at the posts from October 1997, and
      today. Notice the difference in the general demeanor of
      the posts. More factual, less vituperative, and
      reasoned discussion of the pros and cons. Anybody who
      shows me the facts as to how AMD is going to ramp up
      its production and deal with the high end workstation
      Xeon products that Intel is now showcasing, including
      multiple processor systems, is welcome to, and I'll
      strongly consider dumping my INTC for AMD. But for now, I
      need more than benchtests of the speed of the Athlons,
      impressive as they may be. Good luck.

    • Profusion� Chipset for 8-Way Enterprise Servers
      Also Shipping Today
      SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 23,
      1999 - Intel Corporation today announced the latest
      versions of its Pentium� III Xeon� processor family for
      server and workstation platforms. These additions to the
      Pentium III Xeon processor family provide the headroom
      and scalability necessary to keep up with the
      increasing performance demands and workload of today's
      growing Internet economy.

      The three new 550 MHz
      processors incorporate 512 KB, 1 MB and 2 MB of Level 2 (L2)
      cache which support four-way and greater server and
      workstation configurations.

      Intel also announced that
      it is shipping its Profusion�* chipset, enabling
      eight-way Pentium III Xeon processor based servers. These
      highly available eight-way Intel based platforms provide
      (IT) departments with the ability to consolidate their
      application infrastructure and provide the headroom necessary
      to better manage a growing and unpredictable
      e-business environment.

      In addition, Profusion
      offers performance comparable with proprietary
      RISC-based platforms at substantially lower price points.
      More than twenty OEMs are expected to announce systems
      based on the technology in the coming weeks. Several
      OEMs have already demonstrated industry-leading
      performance and price/performance results on top enterprise
      application benchmarks, showing at least 1.6 times the
      scalability of existing 4-way Intel-based platforms.

      In 1,000-unit quantities, the Pentium III Xeon
      processor 550 MHz with 512 KB L2 cache costs $931, with 1
      MB L2 cache costs $1,980, and with 2 MB L2 cache
      costs $3,692.

    • First rule of flaming: If you are going to ping on someone for their spelling or grammar, it's important for you to be very careful with your own. Otherwise, you look like a complete fool.

    • Hey prince ... just noticed that I hadn't seen your commentary on how much our investments made in the last year. Was wondering when you were gonna publish those figures next ...

    • get pass grade school!

      read my post again!

      *and* is spelled AND


      *amd* symbol for
      advanced microdevice
      is spelled "AMD"

      Are you
      some kind of illiterate imbecile, or
      Your choice. :)

    • Intel didnt pre-announce that they had missed last quarters numbers, why would they start pre-announcing it this time?


    • If INTC announces anything, it will be that their profit will exceed expectations, not that they will be short!!!! Get with the program--simply amazing how little people understand INTC's business.

    • be like me selling books for free and claiming
      that I am taking market share from Barnes and Noble. I
      may be taking market share, but I am making no money,
      just losing tons of money! By the way, I am almost
      convinced that INTC helps out AMD so they are not accused
      of being a monopoly!

      ta_kman telling it
      exactly like it is!!!

    • well, if you think that INTC will go to 90-100 with all the hype you would be a fool not to buyhere and get a nice 20 points, don't you think.
      AWARD FOR YOU: Dumbest post of the day!

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