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  • stoptheinsanity2000 stoptheinsanity2000 Oct 4, 1999 1:57 PM Flag

    If Barron's says....

    $55 - $60 is the near term trading range, then
    that's what it will be. Once this sucker's rally is over
    and profit taking starts, this stock will be there.
    Remember, this stock is currently up more than 50 % from
    its june low of 50.

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    • that I dropped my subscription to Barrons. Leaves me more money to invest in the stocks they trash.

    • Just have a bad habit of totally ignoring what
      companies like INTC are doing to branch out from their old
      product lines. INTC executives are not stupid - they got
      where they are by being innovative and being first to
      market on most of their products. They have many new
      ventures in the pot and the "analysts" know this, but they
      go for the "slam" because they know it will get
      their name noticed - it's a lot like being a professor
      - publish or perish. imagine coming up on deadline
      and having nothing to write about - they gotta be
      sweating bullets most of the time.
      A good bit of the
      new venture stuff these big companies are doing is
      under stealth wraps because of the rapid technological
      advances that many companies are making right now. "First
      to market" is paramount in these times and they
      can't afford to have someone take away their ideas or
      markets before they roll out. A case in point is the work
      that INTC is doing with a small OTC:BB engineering
      company called e.Digital in San Diego. They are
      developing handheld digital recorders for INTC and are
      working on Voice-to-text and text-to-voice applications
      also. Dr. Skip Matthews, former Sr. Project Development
      Manager for INTC, just retired (8/1) at age 54 from INTC
      after 25 years there to join the board of directors at
      EDIG. Another former INTC manufacturing guy who works
      for YHOO now also joined the board recently. Only
      sketchy reports are available as to what is going on, but
      it appears something major. Of course, Barron's
      wouldn't be interested in this - ya know - someone might
      actually make some money off of this !

    • Barron's is an arrogant, elitist, pompous roll of wood pulp and the average working man investor could live without it.

    • when the internets are way up and way overbought,
      then barrons can come out with bashing news and get
      away with taking credit for stock control, because
      they are sky high and nobody really knows what they
      will be worth in the future or which ones will
      survive. but intc has established a solid history and is
      not liable slow down in growth for a very long time.
      it has many resouces to expand upon, it has the
      size, and it will continue to search out new avenues of

    • more than 50% since its June low of 50? I'll tell
      you. Because it is a great company. Wake up dreamer,
      it aint going to 60. If you don't soon wake up, you
      will find yourself caught in a short

      Lehman says $100 in 12 months.

      GO INTELL!!!

    • barrons tried to make a judgement call on what
      the price intc should be trading at. its obvious the
      market disagrees... intc to 80+ after fed meeting. it
      will be shorts like you that help intc head higher.
      cant wait for barrons next bearish signal on another
      great stock!

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