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  • stimemarket stimemarket Oct 13, 1999 6:58 AM Flag

    DOW may now fall below 10,000 with

    INTC missing estimate and
    all the other negative news, bonds, y2k, etc.
    good time to short INTC

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    • I like my K6 II 400.

      I don't need intel inside!

    • Screw Intel, if it were not for AMD they would be charging an arm and a leg

    • It's going down. I'm in trouble. They will take my house, my car, my wife will divorse me!!! Wait a minute.

      Hmmmmm. This isn't so bad.

    • I don't argue that intc & msft are overvalued ...
      heck, I'm even short intc myself. But $20 for intc & $5
      for msft? come on? I'll buy all you'll give me at
      those prices. even taking the historical 10 forward p/e
      of intc puts it at 30 or so.

      isn't it enough
      to be right, is it really necessary to be so

    • The potential problem is, there is no buyers at the other sides.

    • Why are you so angry that MSFT and INTC are
      trading at the prices they are? Do you have a short
      position or just hoping to buy in at the prices you
      mentioned. Which I doubt you'll ever se again and if we did
      we would in or on our way to a recession or
      depression the likes of which haven't been seen since 29.
      Hey you want to scream about overvalued try the
      internet stocks. You would have a definite case there.

    • Shoot!

    • are two of the most overvalued POS to ever exist.
      What's their growth rate, 16% and 13%? Come on! Even
      MSFT president Steve Ballmer clearly said his company
      and other tech companies (i.e INTC) are WAY
      overvalued. INTC should correct to $20 and MSFT should
      correct to $5 to be fairly valued.

    • Based on the Q4 Guidance. I put together the
      following sensitivity analysis. The only big wild card was
      the statement we expect revenue to be up in Q4. I
      look at scenario's varying revenue by +15% to +5%.
      Given Seasonality I think this is the likely range of
      outcome. All other assumptions are constant. ( Gross
      Margin up 2%, Research and Development and Marketing
      expenses up 10% Interest income $280M.) Given that most of
      Q4 is already booked I think Intel can pretty
      tightly forecast revenue given fixed q4 pricing; they
      just want to hold that as an unknown... Any flaws in
      this analysis???

      Net revenues $8,300 $8,000
      Cost of sales $3,154 $3,040
      Research and development $920 $920 $920
      general and administrative $1,040 $1,040 $1,040

      Operating costs and expenses $5,114 $5,000 $4,886

      Operating income $3,186 $3,000 $2,814
      Interest and
      other $280 $280 $280
      Income before taxes $3,466
      $3,280 $3,094
      Income taxes $1,143 $1,082
      Net income $2,322 $2,198 $2,073
      Basic earnings
      per share $0.67 $0.63 $0.60
      Common shares
      assuming dilution 3,472 3,472 3,472

      figures in $M.

    • Katmai is getting ready to hit end of life, and
      it's been a relatively short life as well. Coppermine
      Pentium III's will be available in under two weeks at
      speeds of 700+MHz. Look for a relatively quick ramp up
      to 800MHz+ speeds. These speed increases will put
      600MHz and 550MHz Katmais out to pasture quickly. Add
      into the mix that it costs Intel a lot less to make a
      Pentium III 667/700/733 (Coppermine core) than it does to
      make a Pentium III 500/550/600 (Katmai core). Intel
      also plans to release the Pentium III Coppermine core
      in even less expensive form factors in the coming
      months (*further* reducing the manufacturing cost).
      Also, the performance increase for Coppermine is
      apparently substantial given the cache design...

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