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  • most_democrats_r_uneducated most_democrats_r_uneducated Sep 22, 2000 2:32 PM Flag


    Don't vote for losers or you will lose further share value. The man is a basket case.

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    • I am 38. Not GenX. And I drink more damn coffee than you can imagine.

    • I have been out working for a living and I saw yr
      reply. I'll ignore the scatological reference because I
      was hung over that day and probably too pissy for my
      own good.I really don't think Al's tax cut is beyond
      comprehension. Give me a break. The whole tax code is beyond
      comprehension. Sure, I'd like an extra few bucks in my pocket.
      But I am doing all right as are you and I remember
      Reagan's tax cut. Never really affected my family and we
      ran a sky high deficit taht fortunately Clinton was
      in a position to pay off. Like it or not, Gore is a
      war veteran, coddled maybe but he was there.

    • hahahahah. I am laughing my way to the bank with
      your cash IDIOT. When things were getting tight last
      night, what happened? CLINTON/GORE came in and saved the
      day...oh yeah with a little help from the FED. That's who
      we need in the White House. We need do-ers. Bushy
      would rather let BIG OIL ruin our economy as a payback
      for Texas Oil loyalty. In my opinion, Bushy is a
      Texan not an American. He prefers to allow collusion to
      rule the markts instead of true competition. Well
      BUshy, that's what the federal govt is for, to prevent
      collusion, price fixing and guarantee a level playing field
      for all. Bushy supports price gouging.

    • don't drop that soap, man!

    • Slandering war veterans make you feel "cool?"
      Spoken like a true liberal without a "pot to piss in,"
      as they say. While your use of the word "pathetic"
      is accurate, it needs to be redirected at the "man"
      in the mirror.

    • Don't confuse him...he thinks that's what coffee smell like. Adios Chingo....have a good life.

    • fact #1: AMD better investment than INTC right
      now. Hands down!

      fact#2: I despise the fact
      that both Bush and Gore are legacys - i.e. got start
      from respective daddies.

      fact#3: Yes, I am a
      hardcore Mccain supporter, which is why I dis-support
      Bush. He is nowhere near the man, would not debate
      McCain, relied on the Rebpublican Machine and shrill
      right wingers to get himself nominated.

      That is
      my stance - not pro-Gore, but Anti-Bush. Anyone but
      Bush...even Gore. Hell, I'd take 4 more years of Clinton over
      Bush. I'd take Cheney over Bush. I'd take Ventura over
      Bush! OK, not Buchannan or Nader, but nearly anyone!

    • Son, I can tell you're a generation X asshole.
      You wouldn't have lasted 3 minutes and any fire fight in Nam. Get you head out of your ass and smell the coffee.

    • Check into Al Gore's Tax cut and see what it
      takes to comply w/it. You'lll have to excuse me now, I
      haven't been to the bathroom all day....been working on
      my house in between keying in messages to the likes
      of you...I have to go now and take a hipyup.

    • You guys are just pathetic. Here you are with
      nothing to do but tap little keys all day long watching
      the little fractions go up and down, watching your
      little nest eggs ebb and flow in the strongest economic
      expansion in the history of the human race, flexing your
      big biceps talkin' bout 'dem war days and you're
      ready to throw your support behind some prissy little
      mama's frat boy who didn't even bother to show up for
      National Guard duty while you were sweatin' your asses off
      in Nam. The only thing Bush has to show on his
      resume is that he's no longer an obnoxious drunk. Any
      objective observer would surely think your logic is
      suspect, unless you happen to be among the 1% of wage
      earners who will get any substantial benefit from his tax
      cut, which I suspect you're not.

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