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  • pcparadigm pcparadigm Apr 24, 2001 10:12 AM Flag

    Kiss retails of PC's goodbye

    <<It's going to be yrs before this bubble effect turns around. Go short and make, it's simple and you buy the stock back at a reasonable price of say 20 P/E.

    1)Retail sales will decline
    2)With the layoffs you have a glut of PC's
    not in use at companies. So why do they
    by more when there employees have plenty
    3)Latin America is defaulting on loans
    4)Credit card debit is high and with job losses
    will cause more bad loans and push up
    interest rates
    5)Company defaults are at an all time high
    6)The layoffs are mounting up every day 14000
    jobs lost just this morning! Great Scot!

    Short the stock and make money, at a 50 P/E it's way to expensive and we know the 2nd qtr is expected to be down. So, I believe job cuts will "continue" now through the 2nd qts compounding the problems. Interest rate cuts don't help people who don't have jobs >>

    But the current price of the stock takes all this into account ... yeah, right.

35.70+0.15(+0.42%)Aug 30 4:00 PMEDT