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  • uddi_uddi_javan uddi_uddi_javan Oct 17, 2008 4:13 PM Flag

    Why JBLU is stuck today?

    Its 4:10pm, market is closed. Now u should shutup and read again to what I said in my post. I love money too and was looking for some serious answers. God Knows from where u MF jumped in.

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    • Every board has a Tapmiller, check all of his posts, they are pretty much the same, wouldnt be suprised if he copied and pasted them, for the most part "Shut up Moron, get a gun and blow your brains out" just wish his parents would enact the parental internet controls. As far as JBLU, i think you have 3 things goin on here, 1- Earnings next week, 2- What have they done with their hedges recently, are they in the same position as Southwest? 3- What is OPEC going to do next week in their emergency meeting? Dont think this one has impacted the stock yet, but could see an impact thru the meeting next week.
      Just hopin for better than expected next week, the were better than expected last time and got a good boost.
      It seems JBLU tracks LUV in the discount group, rather than the full retail airlines unfortunately...

    • Youre going to have to forgive tapmiller. He never recovered from the loss of his life savings over WAMU. It's tough to lose two nickels so quickly. Right tapmiller?

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