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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Aug 26, 2010 2:57 AM Flag


    KHGT is SMOKING HOT and climbing..... up 22% yesterday. They have the technology and patents to recharg your TSLA car and HOUSE!!!!!!!! Follow this link as it will show you the University study that shows it to be 75% SUPERIOR to anything alse out there. This is not a joke and the BREAKTHZROUGH JUST CAME OUT DAYS AGO. It is sooo fresh that there are no MM's on this with the exception of 1 loading up. This technology changes everything and is said to power an entire house uninterupted with minnimum to no wind speeds as there is a 3 stage patented process that is built inside the single unit. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET IN BEFORE THE MM's DO. LAST @ $0.37. YOU ARE GETTING THIS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE. CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY TO GET THIS POST AS I'VE SEEN THESE NEW PINKS WITH REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY RUN TO $90+ BEFORE IT HITS THE BIG BOARD WITH A 100 FOR 1 FORWARD SPLIT. JUST LIKE $1k in CSCO returned over $1M+. The news is leaking out slowly. This is sooo fresh that YAHOO! Message Boards has not even activated the board yet. There is a ton of press releases out following this link and I thought I'd pass it along to my fellow TSLA Longs before everyone else gets wind of this. I got this from a fellow C Shareholder yesterday and biught some and it is on a clear incline upward. I've never wasted your time with junk and am not going to start now. All I can say is that you better get in early and fast as it inches up a cent every few min's. With no active MM on the BID/ASK you are going to have to trade like a MM.

    Buy a few K of this and you will be able to buy that TESLA coming out.

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    • Thanks for the great tip! Dropped from .38 to .28 right after I bought it! So much for never recommending junk!

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      • Company product has NO picture and very vague descriptions. Company stock H= $*2.00 / L= mere few cents. Apparently, a thermal solar collector that can heat a refrigerant fluid. is it presurized to run a EMF turbine?

        Other inventor had waterproof solarcell in transparent hot water roof cell. This seems to make more sense than this compnay's attempt at solar energy development? I will watch the stock as a 'I wonder when it goes up in price' concept. Personally, i would wait to see if it continues downward price movement. Volume was unusually high, as it fell in price. Take that as you would. I suspect it will take many months to verify a production level product, before it can be commerically sold? Who will fund the R&D?

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