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  • EvanMacDonald EvanMacDonald Dec 8, 2010 2:31 PM Flag

    The emperor has no sales

    Tesla is a car company, right? Let's see how they stack up against the competition in terms of Price/Sales:

    F: .4
    GM: .4
    TM: .5
    HMC: .6
    TSLA: 30

    No, it's not a misprint, so they must be growing faster to make up for that, right? Let's look at Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy):

    F: -1.3%
    GM: 27.2%
    TM: 5.8%
    HMC: 9.5%
    TSLA: -31.4%

    Yikes, luckily they can sell stock better than they can sell cars...

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    • This stock is being artificially held up by the institutions and IPO underwriters, IMO. Sooner or later somebody is going to blink....then down she goes FAST and HARD !!!

      There is no way they can justify this valuation...period.

      The IPO lockup period will expire soon (Dec 25)....It should get very interesting after that date when the run for the exit start.

    • Looks like an awful lot of folks were shorting TSLA looking too deeply into the November elections. The Toyota deal is done, this ship can no longer sink.

      Just as a cute note, Musk put the first commercial rocket into space today completing one of two test flights required to get his 1.6B shuttling contract. You think he can't make a few electric cars? The Model S will be sold out ahead of production for years.

      I'm crossing my fingers that the naysayers are right and TSLA dips after the insiders get the OK to sell. I have exactly zero invested in this company and need a buying opportunity.

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      • You don't think Musk might be distracted by his space venture, tempted to sell his TSLA shares to fund that next time he goes bankrupt?
        But yes, I do agree that he could personally (Tony Stark-style) build a few electric cars and meet all the demand there will be once the big boys start making EVs.

      • TALKING MULE, while the possibility does exist for Tesla to sell out production going foraward, I think the last update showed less than 3,000 refundable deposits were submitted by customers. that's a long, long way from a sell out, wouldn't you say?

        No firm production dates. No firm pricing. No production workers hired. No confirmation from the EPA regarding the 4dr passing all safety tests. You REALLY see production being sold out, and I quote you, "....for years"? I don't.

    • The model S will change this,it will be far and away the best all electric car!A plus is it is not an obsolete hybrid!

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