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  • Networthdev Networthdev Mar 17, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    Tesla CEO: I’d Bet On Capacitors Over Batteries

    Link to story below.

    TSLA will win because they think outside the AUTOMOTIVE box.

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    • This all coming from a guy who says he's in the Commercial Real Estate industry? Sure you are.

    • The capacitors in conjunction with batteries is probably a future application. Capacitors store energy and can discharge it more quickly than can batteries. The braking/charging is done with batteries, it's done already in the newer golf carts. But the quick discharge from capacitors can be useful in acceleration. With computer controls accessing both batteries and capacitors some future improvements in efficience can be realized.

    • I think that ultracapacitors can make sense for hybrid applications that have small battery capacity (or none at all). They can store regen energy more efficiently than batteries. However, they are physically larger than batteries (less engery density). So for a car with a full EV battery pack, I don't see much benefit for U-caps. The Tesla battery can easily absorb braking energy. And if a panic stop exceeds the charging capacity of the battery pack, you simply burn up the excess in the brakes.

      On Maxwell's web site, they have almost no technical information, especially on the HTM125. I'll see if I can piece together some assumptions this weekend and run some calculation on energy density. From that you will be able to make your own assessment about U-caps replacing batteries.

      Interesting stuff!

    • <ditto> on weenona's expertise. I rate him as genuine and willing to tell as well as hear both sides of the story.

    • Tell me. Are you guys interested in buying a car? OR are you interested discussing fusion and Physics? Not a thing you say has a bit to do with why people buy autos.

      Moreover, the companies you mentioned have done nothing to actually bring something to market that will revolutionize transportation.

      At issue continues to be capacity and longevity. No one has been able to develop a battery system that isn't huge and cumbersome. No one has developed a batterey that will never need replacing. Is anything like that here...TODAY? Nope! Consumers will not buy EVS unless/until ICEs are no longer available. You don't believe it? Watch how the 4dr sells. Better yet, Look at the Roadster, 1,500 in TWO YEARS! They'll still have to sell about another 1,000 to meet the Lotus commitment.

      keep bringing up historic references. It does nothing to prove your point because Tesla has done nothing historic, except to assemble, not build, a high-priced midget kit car.

    • ""Several European heavy vehicle and equipment manufacturers and hybrid and electric drive system integrators are designing the HTM125 into braking energy recuperation and torque-assist systems for greener, more energy-efficient products," said David Schramm, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer."

      I would be amazed if Tesla has not already integrated this technology.

    • Suspect you were in the crowed at Huffman Prairie saying Orville & Wilbur would never fly

      Funded and rounding the corner fast.

      On August 10, 2010, EnerG2 announced in Albany, Oregon, the groundbreaking of the world’s first facility dedicated to the commercial-scale production of synthetic high-performance carbon electrode material. This facility was made possible by a $21.3 million Federal stimulus grant allocated by the US Department of Energy for makers of advanced automotive batteries and energy storage technologies. Over the next 18 months EnerG2 will build the facility to produce advanced nano-structured materials for ultracapacitor electrodes, which will ultimately be utilized in electric- and hybrid-drive vehicles.

    • ...and now (a) the insult, and (b) the conspiracy accusation. Ahhh... you are going EXACTLY with the playbook!

      Nope, you're right: a data-rich link showing the successful demonstration of viable ultra-capacitor storage, reducing fuel consumption by 20%, is clearly a PLOT! Surely funded by

      ummm... BIG OI... wait


      Too much fun. Enjoy your fantasies. I know I am.

    • Friendly, I'll jump in here. I've looked at EnerG2 and found nothing but glowing self-hyping phrases. In the real world, pal, performance is what counts. When these guys actually produce something that is revolutionary, then perhaps what they do might be valuable. Until then? Hot air.

      I'm not sure what the ultimate alternative fuel answer will be. Presently, No one, and I mean, NO ONE, has been able to provide the breakthrough product to solve the issue.

      I thought the poetic use of language in EnerG2 was heart-rendering. Maybe they used to work in PR for Tesla? Or will???

      If I'm on the wrong track here, maybe you can provide to me what EnerG2 has actually ACCOMPLISHED?? Or are you going to post some pithy phrases for me I can't comprehend?

    • Nope. your link, like you is bull$hit. I have no idea who's paying you to post this crap, but there not getting their money's worth.

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