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  • Networthdev Networthdev Apr 2, 2011 9:08 AM Flag

    Obama showcases fuel-saving vehicles

    Momentum building, UPS, FED-X, etc. etc, ALL the sheep will start to follow and the snowball will build as it rolls down hill.

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    • P.S. Remember our previous discussion, I'm not totally ignorant of the auto industry, spent many years in the auto, manf. and prod. design side.

      Sorry, gotta go, wife wants to go wine tasting. Enjoy YOUR weekend.

    • Can't read a financial statement, my accounting profs would be so disappointed.

    • Metrics? Exactly what metrics do YOU use to evaluate a business? Tea leaves?

      I've never once spoke about Tesla stock. And I never will. The whole thing's a game only the big bokerage houses play. I have no interest in rumors.

      As far as an ongoing business, i don't see Tesla as a player. They don't do anything correctly. If they have, tell. Bringing a kit car to market doesn't count. What will count is when Tesla can successfully produce a 4dr and sell it competitively in the market place. Given their sales process and their market selections,I don't see that happening.

      Do you honestly think everyone in the auto business is 100% in favor of continued use of gas engines? Absolutely not! I can't tell you how many conferences, shows, and meetings I attended over the years where the buzz amongst the dealers was why big oil was in bed with the auto companies. I also remember the flap over the catalytic convertors and how it was going to ruin the business.

      Believe me, your understanding of the auto business is so small, there is no pulse. You can't even maintain a conversation about a dealership's operation. Moreover, you have no idea how to read a financial statement. If you're only concerned about the stock, just say so! but don't lump everything together like you "get" the whole idea of the business. You don't!

    • Oh, okay, I can buy that, your not disgruntled, just UNHAPPY. I really hope you have a bone to pick with TSLA, as other posters have indicated, and you are NOT trying to be an investor, because you have no ability, or willingness to asses and address risk. You don't understand this type of entity, and are trying to asses it by entirely WRONG metrics, but "anyway" enjoy yourself.

    • I read the article. The fleets are all trucks. Besides, where was an EV mentioned? Actually, it wasn't. Alternative fuels and fuel effeciency were mentioned. If you want to "snowball" this into meaning the Tesla 4dr for consumers, go right ahead. But that's was NOT what was said!

      Until the public is forced to BUY an EV, it won't. Passenger car fuel usage has declined the past 10 years because the technology in engines has improved so much.

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