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  • Networthdev Networthdev Apr 5, 2011 9:40 AM Flag

    Trouble in the Kingdom

    After reading the following, tell me whether we NEED EV's and NGV's

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    • Like cashiered Lieutenant Colonels?

    • Elon Musk has said a secondary is not needed to launch Model S. But they may consider one to develop the next vehicle.

    • Yes, a secondary certainly is possible, but if it comes, it will be closer to the launch date of the Model S or later.

      BTW, I encourage anyone that is close to a Tesla store to go DRIVE a roadster(they will let anyone unlike other high end dealers). They are truly superb vehicles.
      That way you can make up your own mind on Tesla instead of listening to desperate underwater shorts cries for help.

    • We both agree that they have a job ahead of them. I don't know if they are up to it without a secondary to give them the capital they will need to actually the numbers of vehicles that everyone says they need to become a player.

      Take care and we will see whether this lady or you are correct. Time will tell.

    • Not angry at all. I can be an a$$hole though, especially when dealing with stupid people.

      I'm a car enthusiast. I have followed Tesla since 2005. It would be fair to say that I have done more research on this company than ALL other companies put together. Thousands of hours worth. NO BS. This sounds stupid, but I would say it's kind of a hobby.

      Yes there are two sides to every story/trade, BUT these other guys have an agenda, therefore fabricating lies, telling one side. I could care less if the stock performs, I have not traded one single share, EVER.

      The Model S will be produced, like it or not. Beyond that, Tesla has a lot of work ahead of them to become a major manufacturer. A lot is at stake with the Model S, it will either make or break the company.

    • After reading the anger in your messages, I came to the conclusion that you need to find another avenue to vent your anger before you decide to commit yourself.

      Tell us all on the message board, just what is it that you do that makes "Feel" that you so much of an expert in this field. Take your time in trying to figure out what that is now.

      When someone says something that is counter to what you believe, you just sling mud in their face. Something like a Kid on the playground saying that if they don't do what you want, you are going to hold your breath and turn blue. Can't you except that their are at least two sides to every story.

      You know what makes the markets great is that their are BOTH buyers and sellers.

    • >>>I have experience in the auto industry. You don't. I worked for auto companies. You didn't. I personally operated dealerships generating up to $100 million in revenue per year. You didn't. I can take apart any auto financial statment in a blink. You can't. I've closed deals. You haven't. I've personally handled any Customer complaints. You haven't. I've signed checks, created sales plans, budgets, forecasts and marketing plans. You haven't. <<<

      Translation: I used to do good selling cars, but then the economy fell apart, and now Tesla is gaining control of the market share. All these years I spent bsing people, and now I'm in the unemployment line. Why me? waaaaaaaaaaa.

    • "For the final time, I'm NOT a salesperson. Wonder how difficult it would be to hire an IT expert to track down your IP? Would take less than 24 hours. Next time you walk outside, think about it. Anyone on earth could be out there. Maybe the BoogeyMan. At the very least you could sucker punch him? LOL! LOL!"

      What on earth are you carrying on about? You were the one who posted your cell phone number. Google it and one gets a college site with the cell number, your name, and a home phone number. I assume that that could be reverse looked up, listed or not. I suggest you take that college post down immediately and grow up.

      If that wan't your cell number you posted but someone you don't like, you exposed yourself to some liability. In that case, growing up wouldn't help as that doesn't fix a damaged character.

    • say lie until your face turns blue, Cobra. You know it's all a lie. 239-336-4179. I sold my partnership two years ago. I have no work place. Don't need one. I'm sitting here on a recliner laughing at you and your timidity to call me. I'm not at all lying.

      tell you what. if you think I'm lying to you, just provide YOUR phone number. or are you going to continue to run?

      The pressure must be getting to you, huh?

      One, last time.....239-336-4179. I'll most definitely answer.

    • From you, I'll take that as a compliment.

      Cobra didn't read any of the posts. He didn't know I posted absolutely nothing about legislation. You mentioned something about it. Then another guy asked for facts about legislation and I believe you posted something to the effect that, "...the legislation will pass".

      As far as this tiff is concerned, I had no dog in the fight. I was simply making an attempt to alert you about Cobra's stupidity. Guess I was wrong to do that. Maybe YOU should read the posts on this thread. I think you'll see what I mean.

      I accept your apology in advance.

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