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  • Networthdev Networthdev Apr 12, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    Tesla Roadster Wins Monaco Green Race

    NO WAY, it's AMERICAN ingenuity and AMERICAN made versus, AMERICAN TAX PAYER PAID for.

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    • Hay guy, I guess you have never been to a NASCAR race!!

      This car would be classified as a sissy car and would be booed off the infield.

      Don't talk to the NASCAR fans about Tax Payer Paid or they'll throw rotten tomatoes at it.

      I hear you talk about how the taxpayers bailed out GM, what do you think happened via the loan made to Telsa. Tax payers bailed out Telsa. Without that loan, they would already have gone to the secondary market.

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      • No, they did NOT FAIL as GM did. They received funding based on a VALID proposal and business plan. That is the AMERICAN way, pull yourself up based on MERITS and the ROOLS.

        I've been to MANY NASCAR races, F1 races, and Indy car races, and what I KNOW is REAL RACE fans LOVE a CHALLENGE, they LOVE technology, and they LOVE the "unfair advantage" as Mark Donohue would say. With the proper introduction, we will be received with EXCITEMENT, and we will SMOKE the ICE vehicles.

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