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  • markp1950 markp1950 Jun 6, 2011 10:35 AM Flag

    Tesla Model S Electric Sedan Closer To Launch, Gets Facelift

    It may still be well over a year away from launch, but Tesla’s latest press photographs are certainly getting the automotive world talking. Released over the weekend, the photographs show a Model S which looks good enough to take on mainstream automotive giants on the showroom floor head-on.
    With a few panel changes equating to little more than the automotive equivalent of a tummy tuck, the latest Model S Alpha features a redesigned grille and front bumper, making it look much more like the Jaguar XJ than previous versions.
    In fact, we think the latest tweaks make the Model S look much more like the executive saloon Tesla wants it to be, with bolder lines and a more traditional, aggressive stance.
    Unlike the Tesla Roadster which is due to cease production this year, the 2012 Tesla Model S will be sold with three different battery pack options, ranging from $57,400 for a base Model S with 160 mile pack through to $77,400 for a Model S capable of up to 300 miles per charge.
    But before you get too excited, don’t forget that the Model S is still a whole year away from entering production. That means a whole lot could still change between the end of the Model S Alpha test vehicles and the final production version.
    Do you like the facelifts in the latest Model S Alpha, or do you prefer the softer lines of the earlier prototypes? Let us know in the Comments below.

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    • It needs some awesome LED day running lights

    • The Model S is, at last, an EV designed for common folks. With periodic cash infusions there is no reason why Tesla can not continue on for decades.

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      • On second thought, I think you were being sarcastic, and I didn't get it.

      • The average new car price in the US in 2010 was just over $29k --- mind you, the mix of car buyers had also shifted to higher income brackets as middle-income earners (“common folks”) held off on new car purchases because of other economic pressures.

        Recent data is hard to find without a paywall, but in the price range of the S Models sedans priced similarly to the S Model ($60-80k) like the Jaguar XF, Mercedes E-Class, and Lexus IS F are typically purchased/leased by people with annual incomes 2 to 3 times the price of the car. If we say 2.5x and call the “average” S sticker at $68k, that is somewhere in the 90+ percentile.

        Hey: I am ABSOLUTELY supportive of aiming a product at high earners. But we shouldn’t call it “a car for the common man”.

        As for "cash infusion": the best way to infuse cash is to generate quality earnings.

    • Face lift? How about Tesla continues to change its mind as the 4dr goes under more changes? Facelift? LOL! Hardly.

      It looks like a Jaguar? After all, those Jags just fly off the shelf at every dealership.

      Isn't that just magical?

      EV manufacturer Tesla Motors decided to offer potential customers further reasons why they should be turning their attention to the company’s battery-powered Model S sedan. New images of the vehicle from the Alpha testing Phase have just been released, pointing out the styling cues of Tesla’s forthcoming electric four-door coupe.

      The almost production-ready version you can see in the adjacent image gallery shows a different front bumper design that has not been seen on previous prototypes, as well as several new body panels.

      Tesla also announced that Model S reservations are now available in Japan, while over 4,600 reservations have been placed for the electric sedan so far.

      Tesla Model S will have a range of up to 300 miles (483 km) and will be priced in between $49,000 and $60,000, depending on the trim level. It will come with a QuickCharge mode that will take up to 45 minutes to restore the battery, and will be compatible with 110V, 220V and 440V outlets. Furthermore, it will boast a lot of innovative technologies, such as 17-inch infotainment touchscreen and 3G wireless connectivity.

      “The Model S will to be a pure electric premium sedan, designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the electric vehicle architecture. The sedan will deliver the foremost design and technology in the automotive world. It will raise the bar of vehicle efficiency, meet the highest standards for safety, and provide more cargo space than any other sedan. With an optional extended-range battery pack, the Model S will travel over 300 miles per charge,” the company brags.

      The final production version of the Model S is scheduled to be revealed at the end of this year. The company is also currently working on the concept, design and financing of the Model X crossover vehicle, which is expected to hit the road in late-2013.

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