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  • markp1950 markp1950 Dec 31, 2011 4:55 AM Flag

    In-Road Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Breakthrough

    A bit old....
    In-Road Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Breakthrough Yields 90% Efficiency

    Read more: In-Road Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Breakthrough Yields 90% Efficiency | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World
    This system could also work with hybrid and hydrogen cars too....
    And busses, and streetcars.......

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    • As I said before we figured out how to fund our way from horse paths to to paved roads, and this will be no different. The technology is INTENDED to support mobility, and that is why people will be relying on it to keep their HEART beating.

    • Actually, I'm not bashing at all. Wireless charging is really, really good tehcnology that I would love to have in my own garage. Thanks to MarkP for posting the link.

      You just need to understand that the car must be stationary while charging. And while it's OK to imagine a future where you can charge your car while driving down the road, in practical terms it just won't happen. Even if the technology is feasible, the infrastructure cost would be prohibitive.

    • NOBalls, TODAYS "vehicle" system is stationary, the entire PURPOSE of the technology is to provide MOBILITY, read what I previously posted, or not. You don't want the truth, just your nickels for paid bashing.

      What do you think, Thoratec is going to make heart patients wearing their LVAD, and WiTricty enabled technology, stand in one place for their HEART to function!!!!! No, the entire PURPOSE of the development is for MOBILITY.

    • WiTricity disagrees with you. Here'a quote from their website: "Automatic wireless charging for future hybrid and all-electric passenger and commercial vehicles, at home, in parking garages, at fleet depots, and at remote kiosks."

      Also from their Sep 27 press release: "The system that WiTricity has developed can transfer energy further and more efficiently in comparison to conventional systems such as electromagnetic induction and microwave transmission, pushing the possibilities of wireless charging by being able to deliver up to 3.3 kW of charging power over distance of 20cm (almost 8 inches) at an efficiency rate of more than 90%, in manner that is safe and very user friendly."

      Again, this is stationary charging. Since they dare to contradict you, maybe WiTricity is a Ballcoach alias as well.

    • The technology developer ( WiTricity) does not agree with you.

      Automatic wireless charging of mobile electronics (phones, laptops, game controllers, etc.) in home, car, office, Wi-Fi hotspots … while devices are in use and mobile.

    • Keep in mind that these inductive chargers are designed for stationary targets. The author of the article seems to extrapolate that they could be used for down-the-road charging. They cannot. Here's a link to a charger being commercialized by Delphi.

    • There you go, talking to yourself AGAIN! Your posts are so distinct/easy to identify.

    • > Notworth - are you suggesting that the in-road chargers are possible?

      Um, not only POSSIBLE, but they have them WORKING.
      All that they have to do is increase the effeciency. And find a way to bill the users for the usage.
      Because it WON'T be free.
      The ability the transmit 5 kilowatts of electricity across such a wide gap is incredible, and with a 90% efficiency rate to boot. All of the sudden the idea of wirelessly charging EV’s while they drive down the highway seems not only feasible, but downright economical.
      Source: Gas 2.0 (

    • Rm1280, you're wasting your time attempting to communicate with that scum bag. According to him, there are demons behind every door. Anyone who responds to him is yet another ID I guess I dream up? Oh, and I'm supposedly paid to post here. Imagine that?

      All I can say is this guy is in severe need of a lobotomy.

    • NOballs, save yourself the work and cut the charade, just use the one alias. We all know it's you. We moved from unpaved horse paths to paved roads and interstate highways, this is just the next logical extension.

      The big car companies are investing. I'll waste my time and post links to Toyota and Mitsibishi info.



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