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  • ahgotstaknow ahgotstaknow Jan 8, 2012 11:06 PM Flag

    Fraud? "Paid bashers"?

    Good Lord! What is this thing about "paid bashers" and accusations of FRAUD?!? Does anybody, anywhere use Yahoo Message Boards as a primary source for trading data?


    I didn't think so. So, why in the world would anybody think that the discussions here are anything but a bunch of internet junkies who park here a few times a week to kibbitz? Calm down! The most litigious fool on earth couldn't torture a charge out of what gets typed here, and I'd bet you many $$ that Musk doesn't give a rat's hindquarters what we talk about.

    Furthermore, does it make ANY sense to think that "paid bashers" are needed when a stock has a 53% short float? With over 24 MILLION shares short (last count by Yahoo Finance), doesn't it seem like there are probably more than just a few Tesla skeptics out there who might drop in and opine a bit? And if they do, and you think they (we) got something wrong, just pipe up. If you think you're on the right track and want to partake in this venture, have at it.

    Man this is a WEIRD place!!

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    • Agreed!

    • Erases every post? Ha ha

      ANOTHER LIE!!!!

    • Opps! Chris Evert, I meant. Jon Lovett was there. Funny joke he told at the cocktail reception.

    • Actually, I DID attempt to be reasonable with you. Unfortunately, you didn't accept anything I said. This makes you call me a classy dude/paid basher??? You need to get in touch with reality for a moment, Einstein. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't make me a paid basher or classless. It only means I don't agree with you. WHen I DO attempt to have dialogue with you and you still don't buy it, then that's being classless, ON YOUR PART! You don't want to have a conversation. All you want to do is throw out insults. Cobra did that. Look where it got him? Yahoo erases every post he makes!

      If you ever went to a charity event, particularly a Make-A- Wish Christmas Ball, say in Washington, DC, it's held at the Willard Hotel. I've been there a number of times. While it's a lot of fun, it's also sort of heartbreaking when the tapes of the kids are played. Then again, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Hoot? The classless one here is most certainly Y-O-U! Ever been to the M-A-W Run in Maryland? I have. How about the Health Center Wine event in Palo Alto? Been there, done that. Or the Chris Everet Gala Ball at the Boca Raton Resort? I was there this year. Had a nice conversation with Mark Fields of Ford. Did I miss you there?

    • Your one classy dude/paid basher. Glad we kept this thread font and center today. Would love to here some of your conversations at the board/charitable event holiday functions, bet there a hoot.

    • How could I possibly make up the story? It's not like I had any time to think about it during these rapid posts?

      And as long as you continue to disbelieve me, I DO find it acceptable to call you stupid.....You are!

    • Oh, so just because I find your story incredulous, it becomes acceptable to call me stupid? LOL

    • I said stupid and convoluted ONLY AFTER you once again said what I printed was not true.

      How is that you consistently can't get anything straight?

      If you want to talk, TALK! If you want to sling insults, that's fine too!

    • Yup, you sure are being courteous calling me stupid and convoluted. LOL

    • Think what you want. I was being honest AND courteous. Being a jerk is what comes natural to you I guess?........along with not believing what someone says. Really, what would be my motivation to lie about why I was in California and for what reasons I was there? Can you honestly be this stupid and convoluted?

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