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  • Networthdev Networthdev Jan 11, 2012 12:16 PM Flag

    Dr. Dieter Zetsche, EV's & internet-connected cars

    Oh my, couple quotes that seem to fly in the face of our board negative nannie. Link at the bottom to complete article. For those not familiar with the good Dr., he is Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Gee, he must not not have gotten the memo from Noballs.

    Quoting Jeremy Rifkin who said "Great economic revolutions occur when new energy systems merge with new communication systems" Dr. Zetsche named two previous such revolutions; Printing presses & steam power; Broadcasting & oil. The revolution currently underway is said to be Electric mobility & communications technology.

    "Daimler has a long history of research into fuel cell vehicles and Dr. Zetsche quoted the fact that the energy density per kilogram of hydrogen is far more than the energy density per kilogram of lithium batteries. However one of the limitations of that story is the volumetric density of hydrogen, namely because hydrogen is the lightest element it is difficult and energy intensive to compress it to the point where the energy density per liter is anywhere near the energy density per liter of batteries."


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    • P.S. Heres another goodie from the article.

      "Freedom of Information: The freedoms he already discussed include the presence of improved on-board infotainment systems. An additional step can be taken to gather information from all the cars on the road, to more intelligently manage traffic on the road, or crowdsourcing applied to traffic. The trick is to use information from the cars ahead of you. It can make it possible to avoid traffic jams or to increase safety by alerting drivers to dangerous road conditions such as black ice. "The connected car is a proactive car" and to provide on-board apps that help you find the most efficient driving routes for your travel needs."

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      • ...and here's a goodie from his remarks in Detroit:

        Media exuberance on future demand for electric cars has now returned to more realistic expectations, Daimler's Chief Executive said at the Detroit Auto Show. "We have passed the peak of the hype on electric cars," Dieter Zetsche told reporters on Monday.

        So, once again, as I am paid by MHFSTC to remind you:

        (1)This link has nothing to do with trading TSLA

        (2)The article YOU linked was clear in the following statement: "Battery and electric drive technology has reached a tipping point of usefulness where electrified vehicles are beginning to be capable of replacing the usefulness of gasoline powered cars. Note, that is 'beginning to be capable', not 'are capable'."
        Thus one may imply that a pure electric solution will not be ready yet for some time. Hence, in turn, a company offering only pure electric solutions will struggle. (Hmmm... perhaps this article DOES have something to do with trading Tesla...)

        (3)You continue to help the short cause; thank you for your efforts.

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