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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 17, 2012 8:44 AM Flag

    Goldman Upgrade a joke

    Didn't Goldman "Rape Your Clients And Followers" Suxman bring AONE to IPO and we all know how that worked out. Whoa!!

    Now they are trustworthy?!! hahahah!

    We should play the game of listing all of Goldmansux IPO for the past two years and their performance. Check it out....



    Yes the Ex-Governor and Ex-Senator doesn't know where the $1.2Billion went? He has never seen insider trading practiced either in his illustrious career?

    Blankfein is our BOY!!

    Congress doesn't practice insider trading.

    The lobbyists do not spend Millions for their causes.

    The policy for unlimited money to that can be donated to political parties and candidates will actually forward political equality, justice for all and not empower the CORPORATIONS.

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    • Their are WMD's all over.

      Bush and his Haliburton VP of a schill didn't make Millions off the search for the WMD.

      The 3 branches aren't perversed and destroying this country.

      The Republicans and Democrats haven't been running this country to the ground and over taxing their citizens while devaluing their money. 200 years of this nonsense we have been enduring. They are having orgies when the camera is turned off on the backs of the hard working American Citizen.

      All paranoia! your right.

      Madoff was just misunderstood.

      The victor doesn't write history.

      The brown like water coming from the faucets due to fracking is safe. We are going to make all of the House and Congress drink a gallon of this water every day for a month and see what happens. American Citizens version of the Pepsi Challenge!!

      The "Patriot Act" doesn't molest everything our sons and daughters fought for while the elite 1% enjoy the fruits of their blood. Your children's future isn't being snubbed a little more every day.

      Its All China and the rest of the world's fault.

      Banks will not use you money when they aren't supposed to. They didn't porkbelly Dowd Frank into a useless bill and use a larger number to manipulate the bill instead of the smaller number they were initally trying to implement as the basis of the percentage of funds that would limit banks.

      Wall St. doesn't collude with the poloticians.

      The elite lawyer class hasn't overstepped their boundaries and left reason to the wind.

      We don't pick and choose the battles we get involved with. We don't dare enter air spaces of China, Russia or North Korea because they don't have injustice going on but the other soverign nantions that do we violate because we know China and North Korea would jam our mouths with balls so we basically act like cowards and bullies.

      Wake up and stop electing the Republicans and Democrats for starters and lets get a new party in the house before those two send more of our boys to die to keep simpletons occupied with the rouse of NATIONAL pride while they themselves choke our children's future within our borders.

      No body is destroying America but our own elected officials who can't drive the greatest machine in history and we keep electing them the two blind drivers for the past 200 years.

      We the American Citiznen are easily misled idiots who play ostrich.

      Now Great GoldmanSUX is trustworthy? You should make their name synonmous with a joke. You should be punishing corporations that affiliate themselves with them regardless how great they are. Believe me its only a matter of time before "who gives a Cr@#$p attitude and lets make money with G.S. now" will eventually find yourself turning the lights on in your infant child's room with the shock of GOLDMAN SACHS STRANGLING your baby boy FUTURE in the cradle for their own gain.

      Have you ever asked any of their employees that handle your money who is at the top of their priorty in the food chain? You whose money they handle or their firm? Do the questioning in an email I advise you.

      When will you all learn?

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