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  • todd6678 todd6678 Jan 18, 2012 11:03 PM Flag

    Model S Status report: Almost ready for production

    Tesla's managers reported that, as you'd expect, the company is busy making the last refinements to the Model S, working on the Model X, and preparing its factory for mass production. Musk, Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel, and VP of Manufacturing Gilbert Passin talked at length about Tesla's approach to building cars, heavy on automation and -- interestingly -- heavy on redundancy.

    While Tesla, like most automakers, will be buying many of its parts and subassemblies from suppliers, the company is determined to have the ability to manufacture most or all of those parts in-house "in a pinch," as Musk put it. That's not something major automakers can (or should) afford to do, but for a manufacturer dealing with smaller volumes that might not command a megasupplier's full attention in that proverbial pinch, it makes sense.

    Meanwhile, Passin reported that Tesla's factory, famously acquired from Tesla investor Toyota (NYSE: TM ) in 2010, is "very close" to being able to produce the Model S. The company has already done some test runs, in fact, and is waiting for delivery of the last stamping dies and other machinery that will bring it up to full speed.

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    • One more thing, Loser. How about providing some details of the so-called "unimportant/out-dated data" you say I post? I'm quite sure people would like to know what you're saying. So here's another chance for you to shine!

    • Loser, since you say you have a handle on everything, how about digging up just one instance where I've ever once called Tesla a scam. Just one link! My opinions are all based on 25 plus years in the auto business. call them "lunatic" if you choose. Better yet, how about YOU debating me on any point of the auto business? I'm not at all a manufacturing person. However, there's not a single subject in sales, marketing, or in financials where you could stump me. Moreover, there's not a thing you could debate me about regarding auto retailing. NOT.....A.....THING!

      Call me what you wish. It only makes you look more like the clown you are. I can safely say I've forgotten more about the auto business than you'll ever learn. He's your challenge..........TRY ME!

    • In America anyone can hold an opinion. However, lunatic opinions that hold no value are not protected under the constitution, as they contribute nothing to the discussion. Supreme court has decided that on many occasions. This is not a Supreme court case, nor am I saying that negative views of Tesla contribute nothing to the discussion. I am however saying that Kbodie and Ballcoach say nothing of value. They simply spit out unimportant/outdated data, and make vague assumptions that are questionable to even the biggest of skeptics. Calling Tesla a scam is just foolish.

    • So you agree to leave the insults aside and will focus on the discussion at hand? If you think their data is wrong then you will point that out? You will argue reasonably when someone holds a point of view different from yours, even if you think they are spouting non-sense. Is that what you are agreeing to do? If so it would make this board a lot more pleasant and more productive. I look forward to the change. And ain't it great that in america anyone can hold an opinion. And back with with cash if they think they are really right.

    • <<Meanwhile, Passin reported that Tesla's factory, famously acquired from Tesla investor Toyota (NYSE: TM ) in 2010, is "very close" to being able to produce the Model S.>>

      The article misspelled the name of the company installing the Model S line equipment.

      It's Paslin, not Passin.

    • That kind of redundancy seems a little excessive.

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      • iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 iwillnevercheckthisemailagain24 Jan 19, 2012 3:44 AM Flag

        it's both excessive and a fib.

        munky has got an answer for everything. when asked about how he can command price competitiveness from major suppliers with low volume - he just spat it out... we'll threaten them with in-sourcing if the prices are too high.

        that might work except for one MAJOR problem - capital overhead and personnel. it would be foolish to think a company would go out and buy a bunch of machines that will sit idle just to gain some marginal pricing pressure. the only way it works is if tesla is willing to burn money (check) while trying to make profit (no check). eventually they will have to make a decision - run full production on a machine - or lose it. but for now - it is all just fun talking about how great a company tesla will become.

        oh and another thing - say your steering column provider decides to raise prices.. sure take it back in house. but what about the windows? are they going to start blowing glass? how about the airbags - are those easy to reverse engineer? ditto the brakes. this dosen't even begin to touch on all the plenty of things that have absolutely no way of going in house. back up cameras, ant lock braking sensors, display technology, seating, etc etc.

        but sure - munky is going to revolutionize manufacturing.

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