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  • firstinflite firstinflite Dec 30, 2012 10:15 PM Flag

    MODEL S deliveries confirmed

    Good news TSLA longs, model S deliveries are confirmed from owners all over the U.S with VIN numbers well above 3,000 (thats over 400 vehicle production per week), its game over shorties.

    1.) Posted by Mark on the TESLA MOTORS CLUB December 28, 2012

    VIN 3229 provided to me yesterday - P9318. Standard 85kWh Blue/Tan/Matte/Air/Pano/Tech. Told could complete sale in 2012 for tax reasons.

    2.) Posted by RNGONMT on the TESLA MOTORS CLUB December 28, 2012

    (P9864, VIN 2925) 85kW , Tech Package, Met Brown, Pano Roof, Air Suspension, 19'' Wheels, Tan Perf Int. Obech. Matte , Cargo Cover, No HPWC

    3.) Posted by Shokunin on the TESLA Motors Club December 29, 2012

    P7603 Vin2970 was picked up at the factory today. Bonnie and Doug came along for the factory tour. The tour was amazing and Bonnie, her son, and Doug are the nicest folks around. Love watching the Kuka robots in action.

    4.) Posted by CKESSEL on the TESLA Motors Club December 30, 2012

    P2840/VIN2310 delivered today (Portland, OR) along with several others in the area this weekend.

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    • TESLA has more and more confirmations from customers everyday =)

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    • coach sounds like he's in a wheel cchair with a bad case of diarreah

    • kbodie77777 Jan 1, 2013 12:47 PM Flag

      I hope you are reading my posts and learning something from them. Seems like you are lost and need my guidance. Read my logic and try to understand but I have doubts since you show signs of mental weakness.

      • 1 Reply to kbodie77777
      • kbod, everything tesla is doing is revolutionizing the auto industry including the way they handle their deliveries and paper work. Not all shipments go through the DMV and not all deliveries are reported by the receivers on the forums, most people who go on teslamotorsclub are enthusiasts, there's plenty of people who receive their vehicles with VIN1 -VIN253 who never even reported that they received their cars, or know about the existence of the forums to take pictures and post their VINs. The 3,000 VINS are sitting in the lot of customer garages, accept this fact and live with your loses, shortie.

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    • Mr Coach you are truly a fraud like your other alias kbodie77777. You are also quite sic, please leave and find a new board to troll.

    • ballcoach_30 Jan 1, 2013 11:13 AM Flag

      I've been in the auto business for 30 years, I've washed many a car and cleaned a lot of filthy ashtrays( thats where I get my smokes from) and you fail to listen to my solid reasoning. You choose to ignore me and the greatest poster the kbodie who posts spun facts that you close your mind to. Now give your head a shake and learn to play ball, how about hiking me the ball in your underwear a few dozen times?

    • Good work Firstinflite... Don't worry about Ballcoach or Okwald, they both along with kbodie are on a smear campaign to further either their own short positions or those of hedge funds who pay them to.
      Just select "Ignore User" as I have or "Report Abuse" in the case of kbodie77777 who is obnoxious and be done with them.
      You and over 20,000 future owners of which I am one know the true genius of Tesla and its founder.

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    • Firstinflite, simply READ the VINs, you clueless person! Explain how, in ONE DAY, production numbers 9318 and 9864 can be posted? How does that work?

      Better yet, explain how VIN number 2310, reported on 12/30 can be behind VIN number 3229, which was reported on 12/28?

      Are you saying Tesla is now building over 200 vehicles per day?????

      What's pretty funny is you refused/neglected to answer my questions yesterday regarding the balance sheet and income statement. What's up with that?

      The "facts" you've been posting are nothing but pure conjecture. Next time, use some L-O-G-I-C before your post, okay?

      • 2 Replies to ballcoach_30
      • BallCoarch, since you are too juvenile to understand the facts behind TSLA deliveries and sequencing here's a little TESLA 101 for you:
        1. P9318 and P9864 are not production numbers, they are customer numbers, as TSLA has
        mentioned in the past, the first customers to finalize their order will get their cars first.
        Finalizing orders simply isnt based on signing a contract, but rather, picking out your interior
        and specs. Thus, the P9318 customer and P9864 customers simply filled and finialized their
        orders first and received their vehicles ASAP.
        2. The VIN number 3229 happen to get their vehicle before 2310 because of several reasons that
        can occur. First, deliveries are all over the map, some got their vehicles first because they
        live closer to the NUMMI plant, while others got their vehicles later because they simply live
        further away. Second, customer delivery is based upon customer availability, with the holiday
        it is possible that some may be on vacation and wasnt home to accept their delivery, causing
        a lag in VIN number sequencing. Third, customer delivery is based on customer scheduling,
        the TSLA plant likes to schedule same deliveries for certain states, for example, 4 customers
        in Arizona got their model S the other day, so instead of delivering one vehicle to each state
        they simply waited until all 4 Arizona cars were made and delivered them at the same time.
        3. Yes, I am saying that TSLA is building over 200 cars per WEEK! They are building over 400
        per week as we speak, its game OVER!
        4. I ingnore the questions you posted bc most of your 18,250 posts are illogical. Statistics dont
        lie, liars use statistics. Simply put, TSLA 4th Q for 2012 will rock

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You sound so skeptical.... deliveries can vary, as can log postings.

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