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  • evsavant evsavant Jan 13, 2013 9:27 AM Flag

    Revolutionary door handles

    From the TMC Forum:

    "Ok, so today my passenger front door has opened three times by itself. It appears to happen when I put the car in park. And I'm not talking about a partial open. The door pops open a couple inches. I wonder if this could be related to the 12v battery error?"

    You'd think doors popping open would be recall worthy, but Tesla will just send a ranger out.

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    • n0m0renancy Jan 13, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

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    • (( You'd think doors popping open would be recall worthy ))

      Not really unless there was a design problem or a systemic manufacturing flaw.

      For example if the Technicians open the door and find a wire had worn bare because it was not clipped into place they should report that to manufacturing. Manufacturing Engineering should investigate to see what went wrong. Let's say they ask the people on the line what happened and someone says " We ran out of clips but they told us to forget about them and just let the wire dangle." Then you have a systemic flaw - Tesla should then try to identify which cars might be missing the clip and recall them.
      On the other hand if Manufacturing Engineering detremines that the clips were always available. And that the people on the line had no problems with them and that an inspection of current production shows that all of the clips are there then it appears to be a one off mistake.
      Following a ME review if Produict Engineering finds every indication that the clips are generally working then there is no reason to recall cars. In fact having a recall would be bad for consumers. Not only would it require that their car be taken apart - but the enormous cost of a recall would be a waste of money since no other defects would presumably be found. That would/could lead the decision makers to refrain from a future recall that is needed.

      That is just an example. In general a recall would be for a design flaw or a systemic manufacturing error. A one off mistake just gets repaired.

    • "but Tesla will just send a ranger out."

      Yes, and fix it. That's what they did when it happened to one of my cars and I have never been bothered since. Good try Evsavant.


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      • Rip:
        What was issue with your vehicle and how long did it take to have it repaired? Thanks

      • Rip

        Is that a scalable way to deal with widespread quality issues, especially when there are thousands of cars throughout the country?

        Nice for customer service, not so nice for profitability.

        As far as I can tell, there are the following widespread quality issues, which are not being addressed because tesla is under pressure to hit production/delivery targets:

        12v battery system failures (resulting in shut down)

        Touch screen failures

        Doors popping open - other door handle problems

        Limited power events - limp home mode

        various HVAC issues

        How many rangers must they employ to address all of these issues (and new ones that pop up later) when there are 10,000 cars on the road?

        What ever happened to the slow ramp being because they wanted the cars to be as close to perfect as possible?

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