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  • okulawd okulawd Feb 8, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Zombie Zamboree

    What happens after the last zombie buys a Tesla? How many knuckleheads are there who want to pay 110k for a car that can only be driven one hundred miles from home? A car that needs it's battery replaced in seven years at a cost of anywhere from 12k to 42k. Oh, and the new model is a butt ugly X box with wings.
    Hey Deepak, how many reservations after the price increase? Still not talking? Wonder why? How many cancellations? If all is fine, why not tell us?

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Check out the movie, "Tucker" or just watch the Tesla re-run

    • blah blah lies blah... that's all you spew. Tesla will have no problem selling 500,000 vehicles when it's ready.

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      • 500,000???? Oh, that's rich! This company has not shown itself capable of DELIVERING 6,000 vehicles in its entire 10 year history, much less 500,000.

        Do any of you folks even recognize that 20,000 sales just about out-sells the BMW 7 Series and S Class COMBINED??? Keep in mind both of those companies have many other models to sell. And Tesla? Just one.

        Maybe you touters should keep in mind Tesla has yet to turn a profit during the past 40 quarters. There is zero belief a profitable quarter will appear anytime in the mid-future either. So what you folks believe, failure is really success in costume?

    • Actually the car makes sense for many situations. Take the case of Houston with a population of 7.5M. The city is huge and spread out. Got 3 loops, 3 interstates. Anybody living there and working across town from home will easily go through 100 miles/day. You can either spend $20/day on gasoline or $2.5-3/day on electricity.

      The car is not for everybody due to price, but even 40,000/year is small number in the global market. In a few years, the price will be cut in half for a lower end model.

      Anyway, no need to bad mouth anybody. It is a free country. You can add to short positions or go long. However, the huge short position makes going short very risky. It Tesla does ok, all it will take good guidance and the stock can take off. Look what happened to Netflix... the shorts got really spanked.

      Downside for longs is between $30-35/s at least for now... most holders to a trip down there a few times Being short got unlimited exposure.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You shouldn't think there are only 20,000 people willing to pay 100K for a car. That's just a production goal. There's hundreds of thousands of people that will buy a 100,000 car. The car's range isn't 100 miles. It's 300. Same as an ICE car. Also, The tesla is actually easier because with an ICE car, most wait till the gas goes down to less than 1/4 tank and therefore fill up about weekly or more often. The tesla is better because it can be plugged in daily when you park at home. The battery doesn't have to be replaced after 7 years, it's probably closer to 10. But if it was 7, it is guaranteed!!. If after the 8 year warrantee, the battery doesn't cost 12k-42K. It's actually about 6k-12k. (12K is the most).

      I believe you knew all of this already, but posted your incorrect, false statements anyway because you are a basher.

      I also believe even though you are a hater, you have no short position at all.
      I also believe even though you are a hater, you have never test drove (yes it is allowed), or seen it.
      I also KNOW your prediction of the stock never going to 31 is false.

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