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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Feb 11, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    False NY Times Article

    Elon, if you are correct – and I believe you are – then please sue the NY Times for all you can. If the NY Times can write false articles about you and they go unchecked then imagine what a huge disservice they are doing to the world for their tabloid like journalism. I hope you are correct. If I were you and someone with that much clout wrote a false story about me I would sue them for all I could – where they hurt my stock performance, took my time away from business – or lost opportunities – etc. Please just go after them with all you got – and do not settle. This is the only way we – middle class can turn our country around and stop having media print anything they want to sell media at the expense of our private citizens.

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    • Yadda yadda yaddaa ..........

      Can you dispute the NYT article? Did the author lie? Did he say something that doesn't make sense or is impossible?

      Batteries lose their power when they get cold. That's how it is. The story is plausible.

      Your over-reaction doesn't do anything. All Tesla has to do is PROVE the car works in cold weather.

      Have a ncie day.

    • I cannot WAIT for the discovery phase in a US court for all the details of who, how and when for the DOE Loan forgiveness, a real understanding of your GS entanglements, bundled contributions to the '08 Obama campaign prior to your Loan approval, and other fun items. Sue us, o great One... sue us.

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      • One at a time. The NY Times is a trash heap. I tis time to bring them to justice and you know it. They failed to work at gettig to the core of a story. They have become a group of cubicle news people that write articles from their cubicles rather than investigate their story. They just do not have the right people employed at that company. They ared mere children who come from bad families that lie to their own. so your claims are so shallow they are nothing against the issues at the NYT.

    • Litigation in this case would be a waste of management time and shareholders' money! Tesla needs to focus on increasing demand by deploying Superchargers in the US/Canada, EU. Also improve the software of the Model S to improve range like allow HVAC to run off the wall power while connected, warming up the battery as needed, again from the wall power. They need to sell 50,000 Model S/year to make a decent profit and recover their investment as well finance new models, like the Model X. Not raise money with another secondary sale of stock.

      Long term, the battery performance need to improve so the hi end model can store double the KW-hr with the same or less weight and cost. Need that power, otherwise have to drive the car like grandma on the highways. Totally useless on the Autobahn at 150 Km/hr with the current 85 KW-hr.

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