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  • firstinflite firstinflite Feb 14, 2013 2:43 AM Flag

    TESLA released data log, showed NYT lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go to the Tesla website the blog is now available to read!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Oh how can we mislead.
      Reporter says 12 volt LA battery was dead. Elon shows readout of Li ion battery and says not dead....?
      Note available range on second graph says Zero mi available. Maybe not dead not usable either.

      The assignment was to use SC stations and show how the SC would free the Model S from slow charging. Charging elsewhere defeats the purpose of the review.
      Elon shows us the slow chargers he could have gone to.

      Broder's speed spiked to 83 once about 80 twice. In a Model- S that's it?
      What's the matter with that wimp?
      Seriously the fastest production cat around and he only takes it to 83? Once?

      Despite narrowly making each leg, he charged less and less each time. Why would anyone do that?
      Total 3 charges.
      First charge was a full charge.
      He lost about 30% more range than miles when driving 'normally' less when he drove slowly.
      He was going a shorter distance the second time so less time on the charger but still he got 50% more range than he was planing to drive.
      As to the last 37 mi charge he says Tesla told him to go ahead Elon claims they said don't go. I don't believe Elon was there fielding calls. Tape please?
      Tesla doesn't keep a record of calls to their services for quality etc. you get from every company these days? I don't believe it.

      Elon says Broder went on a long detour through Manhattan giving his brother a ride. Shows us a .6 mi ride around a "small parking lot" 73 mi later.

      6 tenths of a mile? Are you kidding me? This is Elon's "Proof" of deception???

      As to what Broder was doing in the parking lot where the SCs were? My guess is; the guy was probably trying to find, then get next to the charger.
      If you look at the pictures it isn't as high as a car and doesn't really stick out it was 5:45 pm in Mid January in the eastern edge of the time zone. In other words Dark. I have no idea of the lighting situation nor do we know if he knew what to look for and how well is it marked. There are different pictures one with the article one with the map neither pix shows signs or anything distinguishing (To me) until you spot the cords.

      6 tenths of a mile that's stupid.
      " he drove in circles for over half a mile in a tiny, 100-space parking lot. When the Model S valiantly refused to die, "
      Yeah valiant 6 tenths of a mile. If he seriously tried around the block once or twice would have done it.

    • WOW NYT f'd up BIGTIME!! I wonder if they wil sue or fire this guy. The logs and proof are incredible and undeniable. Story keeps getting better.

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