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  • futurecartsla futurecartsla Feb 27, 2013 2:14 AM Flag

    You have to be %R#! me! Forbes + NYT 100% truluv 4eva

    Bob Lutz is a contributer to Forbes? The rag mag that jumped on the bash Tesla badwagon? WTH?! hahahahaha

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    • Follw the money

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    • The traditional auto industry in the US is brain dead. In spite of access to huge capital, technical resources and cheap global labor, companies like GM, Chrysler, AMC went belly-up. They could not compete even with German car companies that have some of the manufacturing done there at hi labor costs. Why? Hidebound US management, hubris. Compare the resumes of the CEO who run US companies and their pay against who run BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. Lawyers, BA majors, MBA versus PhD in Engineering.

      Tesla is a start-up and risks are hi. At least the CEO and the management team is technically competent. Physics degree with multiple successful start-ups. Certainly more successful than most of us on this board. Yes, it ok to be long or short. What is disgusting is hide behind the electronic veil and go mano a mano.

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      • Ajitmd, one, more time. I'm perfectly willing NOT to hide behind an electronic veil as I've many times provided my name. phone numbers, and email address. Only one other person ahs responded, Ripwinkles. If this is something YOU would like to do, simply .................... do it! To me, it's Y-O-U who's hiding. Otherwise, you would have responded to me two days ago!

    • My personal motto is "Often wrong, but seldom in doubt." ~ Bob Lutz What a great fool.

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      • Didnt bob lutz admit tesla inspired the volt?

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      • You must have left school very early. You obiously believe that a religous believe in the nonsense that is proposed here about Tesla's cars is a valid replacement for knowledge. Because you did not get this either: The key in the - very qualified - piece that Bob Lutz wrote in Forbes is about scaling. You missed that, and that is what I call lack of knowledge. Combine this with a few other things I posted here and then you get the message and you know why I call Tesla a shure and easy short. It's simply a nobrainer. Or believe in these garbage projections into the furure. Too bad for you then these guys have zero knowledge about reality and zero knowledge about what scaling is. PLUS abolutely zero knowledge about what the real automobile industry is working on. That sledgehammer will flatten you to the size of a paper sheet. A bit more help for you: it will not be a battery driven car, not for the next 20 years.
        So sorry that you will not get it.

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