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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Mar 1, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

    wot: Feb snow ===== breaks all records

    And the believers still claim Global Warming is real.

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    • things must be improving with all the Tesla's on the road

    • Don't worry, Global Warming is still in progress:

      New February Heat Record for the Northern Hemisphere Set

      On February 27 2013, Abu Na’Ama, Sudan measured a temperature of 44.5°C (112.1°F), the warmest reliably measured temperature on record for the month of February anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

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      • (( On February 27 2013, Abu Na’Ama, Sudan measured a temperature of 44.5°C (112.1°F), ...)))

        Good point. Every time a record high is broken it means global warming. And when a record low is broken it means global cooling. In theory climate change can be both Global Waming and Global Cooling at the same time. It's possible to have a record high in one place and a record low in another. Reel scientists don't tell us about this ebcause it would just confuse us. Also it would just encourage the not-real scientists who claim global warming is a scam.

        The sky is always falling in. Any ancedotal weather condition proves that Climate change is real.
        In fact everything that happens is caused by Global warming/kooling. If a polar bear gets stuck on an ice float (and happens to be photographed) then this means global warming. That's right .. just one polar bear at one instant moment in time can be extrapolated to prove decades of global cooling ... oops I mean global warming.

        BTW the temperature data was accidently (wink wink ) destroyed. So no one can prove what is really happening. Ofcourse keeping the debate alive is a good thing. In means more Kyoto like conferences where 10,000 'scientists" (Al gore, Prince Charles, John Travolta. etc etc) get to fly to far off resorts and chastise the rest of humanity (the vast majority of humans will never fly in an airplane) about our gluttonous life styles and how we need to be taxed more because we use too much energy.

    • That is totally misunderstanding the problem and the discussion of it. That's why the science people now talk about 'climate change'.

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      • ((( That's why the science people now talk about 'climate change'. ))

        In 1970 it was Gloabl Cooling.
        In 1990 it was Global Warming.
        Now it is cooling again.

        Do you really think the entire planet can go from long term cooling to warming and now back to cooling in just 30 years. This is scam.

        Real scientsits know that from 950 to 1250 AD there was a Medieval Climate Optimum and temperatures were very high and humans enjoyed a good life because food was plentiful.

        Real scientists know that from about 1350 to 1850 AD there was a little ice age.

        Real scientists do not destroy data, or create panic over a series of math models that have never predicted anything accurately.

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