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  • firstinflite firstinflite Mar 3, 2013 4:21 AM Flag

    Peak Oil advocate article on CNBC

    Google this article or go straight to CNBC to read"
    "peak oil advocate: World desperately needs new energy"

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    • excerpt:

      "This is where we stand, and it's a fairly bleak view: "Peak oil" -- the concept that the globe's oil supplies are finite and will, perhaps sooner rather than later, run out entirely -- is almost here."

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      • It is definitely not a if but a when. Might be now, 10 or 50 years in the future, but it is a known issue. Nobody has proven anything in terms of abiotic oil and so we must believe that available reserves cannot be infinite. What has to happen is mankind has to come to a conclusion that the rate at which we are using oil is unsustainable for the size of humanity and how it uses oil. In the year 2100 we cannot expect 9 billion people (presumably less) to be using oil at today's rate. We, or shall I say "they", will have to come up with new ways to transport whomever is living here at the time around to their destinations. More people will live in cities, more mass transit must be used and personal transportation will become more costly. Batteries with higher capacity will be designed and drive everything from e-Bikes to cars/busses/trucks. Production of the electricity will be interesting to see pan out. More grid-storage of renewable energy will occur due to higher battery capacity including at-home storage of tens of kWh to balance out the grid demand as renewables expand.

        TSLA is a small part of this now but what will happen will have to be a sea-change of energy usage far bigger than TSLA alone. It will involve GE and many other multi-national companies.

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