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  • seethelong seethelong Mar 5, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    the bs of lack of demand

    if demand were low, they would be advertising to boost it. yes stores are advertising but you would see commercials if they were not successful. the lack of internet, print and media advertising is the most reassuring factor that demand remains in place.

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    • Tesla doesn't have the funds to advertise. You thinking the reason for NOT advertising is because demand is high is nothing better than a guess on your part for Tesla refuses to divulge deposits or sales info anyway.

      Really, don't you think that if Tesla WAS tearing it up, Tesla would take advantage of seriously free positive advertising by simply saying it? Instead, the company remains quiet. And it's not, IMO, because things are going so well.

    • ballcoach, you bill yourself as a business man. educated in the ways of car companies????? someone whose advise should be followed?????? why do you think putting stores in high traffic areas such as malls etc. where people walk by is not advertising??????? are you so narrow in your thinking that only an ad is advertising?????? i need to end this post now, am running out of question marks. dont want the key to fall off the key board

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      • If you think the adage, "build it and they will come" translates into any business, you're delusional. You saying, "Stores are advertising" and meaning, stores themselves, are a form of advertising, isn't taken at face value, then is your line of work magic?

        You should hope Tesla can come up with a solid marketing plan. Or at least something other then signing leases in malls so you can consider this advertising.

        My thinking is anything but narrow. The business of transportation is a visual business. Consumers need to see the product perform in some type of environment. Consumers need to know why X product is better than Y product. Consumers need to know there are various options available to allow them to be comfortable in the transaction. Sticking a closet of a store in a mall isn't advertising at virtually any level. Does it proclaim a product exists? Sure. But how many malls have you been in where stores continually go in and out of business? How about going to Atlanta, Buckhead in particular, and take a gander at Phipps Plaza Mall and the the mall across the street, the name of which which slips my mind. Those BOTH were highly active high fashion malls now begging for customers and tenants. Think those stores "advertising" by simply sitting in the mall worked? I sure don't!

        Advertising. I agree, takes many forms. However, if a company desires to be mainstream, then the company must appeal to the mainstream of consumers. For Tesla NOT to have an agency is ridiculous. To skimp along by word-of-mouth does NOT convert the masses. Trouble is, Musk purposely, IMO, went this route because he has little concept of advertising/marketing. While what they've done is cute, it can't work long term. Chicken or egg, pal. Which is it?

    • "Stores are advertising"????

      Links? Any factual data? Tesla has no ad agency. So exactly HOW do you think advertising is being done by "the stores"?

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      • People are going to tesla stores, learning about the all electric tesla car, and then buying a tesla S or hoping/thinking about buying one in the future. (s, X or 3) When people buy and drive their S car around, others are asking them questions (tesla time) and then there are new buyers. Don't call it advertising call it what ever you want to. No need to advertise at this time as Tesla is learning to produce more cars /week with a waiting list. When the waiting list is smaller and/or ramping came be achieved at a much higher level, we will then see some of what you call advertising. Full disclosure: I bought my iphone after I saw my friends/family show me one, not from a commercial.

      • The tesla store at my local mall gets thousands of people a day coming in and checking out the car, learning about the company, etc. If that's not advertising I don't know what is.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If there were demand, why keep it a secret? How many reservation after the price increase? 100, 500, 1000, 5?

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