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  • camk7 camk7 Mar 10, 2013 3:31 PM Flag

    Tesla Haters

    I'm just curious, why do you hate Tesla so much? Did you have a bad experience with them? Do you really dislike the EV platform? Political reasons? As a long term investor in the company I want to know why people are so against them. Please mature responses only, lets try to make this civilized and productive.

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    • HaHa. Why would anybody hate them? It's just an investment or a sideline or a play long or a play short. The real question is what they can do to make you money. When I see a company that buys stuff for a $1 and then can sell it for $2 then you know you have a winner. That's a gross margin of 25% or so. What more can you ask. Musk is going to make me so much money I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

    • 1.) Tesla has never made money.
      2.) They borrowed approx. 1/2 Billion.
      3.) The have been in production for 6 months.
      4.) They continued to lose money.
      5.) They aren't doing anything to reduce the losses. They are expanding into thinner markets with higher costs (VAT, shipping, etc) and developing another product and another platform.

      BTW I hate Microsoft but I own it because it is a cash cow with insane market penetration, insane profits, insane positive ccash flow, AWESOME balance sheet etc etc etc.

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      • higher costs for tesla yes but would yield higher price for the car. and yes, I know that means you think they won't buy them. But they will.

      • I remember Microsoft in the early 80s with their BASIC compiler on cassette tape or 5 1/4" floppy and photocopied user manual. I just couldn't talk my parents I to buying their stock at the time. They eventually did deals, wrote more product code, boug more companies and ended up making it.

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      • These would be valid points but you're missing one crucial part. This is a brand new CAR company! You said it your self that they've only been in production for 6 months, no wonder they haven't turned a profit yet! Even resturants can take years to turn a profit. They borrowed 1/2 billion because last time I checked car companies aren't cheap to start up, and Elon specifically said that cutting costs is his main priority. Ill agree fundamentals are important, and in 5-10 years if Tesla still doesn't hit any of those points you listed then yeah I would agree the company is in trouble.

    • oil cartels, refiners, automotive giants, equity shorts, energy polluters (think Solarcity), dealerships, other clean car competitors (ie biodiesel), retail gas outlets, unions (uaw), to name a few..

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    • It's really just one SHORT guy. He uses multiple aliases, and Depends, or as others have called them, "posting pants" LOL :-)

    • i am not a tesla hater but still note the same. i have theories:
      -many in auto industry will be disrupted
      -jealousy of the founder and those that can afford it
      -betting against the company and trying to help it fail
      -attention seeking... if we didnt respond to some shorts likely their world would be very small with few interactions

      i also believe being on this board distorts your perception. extremely vocal minority can seem quite loud on this board.

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