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  • networthdev networthdev Mar 30, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    IMF Proposal For Higher Gas Tax to Encourage EV'S

    Oh my, even the IMF doesent like "gas". :-)
    For complete article, Google title, "IMF Proposal For Higher Gas Tax Would Encourage Electric Cars"

    "In a highly publicized research paper released this week, the International Monetary Fund argued that global energy subsidies should be reduced, and the U.S. should introduce a $1.33 per gallon gas tax. The tax increase would curb congestion, reduce accidents and help cut carbon emissions, according to the I.M.F. Another benefit, not mentioned in the I.M.F. report: Higher gas taxes would also foster a rapid acceleration of sales of electric cars."

    "Today, consumers are encouraged to buy an electric car or plug-in hybrid with a federal tax credit, regional rebates for buying the vehicle and charging equipment, and other perks such as access to carpool lanes by solo drivers. But these types of incentives are generally considered less effective in stimulating the market for fuel-efficient vehicles compared to high gas prices. In other words, the most effective market tool to support EVs—higher gas taxes—has yet to be tried. Electric cars are the most efficient and least polluting of all vehicles on the road.

    Instead, relatively low gas taxes and high subsidies to producers of high-carbon fuels encourage purchasing of less efficient vehicles, as well as more driving. According to the I.M.F., the U.S. leads the world in combined pre- and post-tax incentives for energy with $502 billion in subsidies (of the global subsidy tally of $1.9 trillion). The bottom line: artificially low energy prices encourage overconsumption of energy."

    "Driving an electric car represents an overall lower cost of ownership than gas-powered cars. Even with today’s (tax-light) gas prices, an internal combustion car commonly costs about three to four times more to fuel than an electric car."

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