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  • sweetliberty17761776 sweetliberty17761776 Apr 2, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    ok here is how the scam will work the payment can only be

    you buy down the loan

    if the S is min 62k that is approx 11-1200/month

    so you have to buy it down

    then AS IN A Pyramid scheme that money would be paid back to those who want to get their money back after 3 years

    who can guarantee this?

    no one but a huckster

    bernie madoff made these types of claims

    what is the actual amount of taxpayers money funding this??


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    • ddeboy Apr 3, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

      They take your money from buying the car and invest it making a profit hopefully and you get part of your money back. The only way to really get this car is to buy it outright. Leasing is a ripoff the way I see it.

    • Elon Musk owns around 25% of the stock, hasn't sold any shares and got paid $33000 last year. Not sure how he's profiting from this "scam". And he just made a comment about personally backing this program.
      Next conspiracy theory?

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      • With federal aid for green-tech startups under assault in Washington, Tesla Motors took to the webs last week touting how its $465 million federal loan had helped create hundreds of jobs — but it didn't reveal that it's now asking for more government money. They also won't reveal why they want it or how much they're asking for.

        No electric vehicle start-up has been as successful at mining cash so far as Tesla, which founder Elon Musk has raised $620 million for from private investors on top of its U.S. Department of Energy loan to build the Model S sedan and Model X crossover. Musk secured a $100 million deal with Toyota for an electric version of the RAV4, and the company had more than $661 million in cash as of June 30, including $330 million of untapped Energy loans.

        All after building about 1,900 cars so far.

        Which explains why Tesla felt the need to defend the loan program after Republicans attempted to cut it as part of the ongoing budget battles on Capitol Hill. In a company blog, Tesla contended that the loan had allowed it to add 1,000 jobs, and make plans for an additional 1,000 jobs next year as it ramps output of the Model S.

        Yet it took a call from the San Francisco Chronicle for Tesla to disclose that it had asked for another federal loan, in an amount it has declined to disclose. Tesla has previously said it had enough cash to cover the costs of launching the Model S and Model X — but the ramp-up of those vehicles may take years.

        Tesla acolytes suspect the loan might pay for a long-rumored "Bluestar" model meant to be an affordable family car. Given the heat on the government's loan program, Musk may have to prove he can launch the Model S without issues before getting another boost from Washington.

    • doreen.gaydoon Apr 2, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

      Why should rich folks get fed rebate subsidies paid for by people working overtime just to afford Obamacare premiums? I've pretty disappointed that he is publically acknowledging the amount of goosing he has to do to expand sales at this early juncture. If people are traveling such short distances, they should walk or ride a bike.... and for THAT, Bloomberg should be paying them $7500 personally for being all healthy and stuff.

    • a $500/month payment is about a 30k vehicle @ 5% give or take

      how much of our tax money is used to back this up

    • thumbs me down call me names

      prove it wrong

      how can they guarantee this ??

      go ahead give the math and then add in the hubris from Tesla

      go ahead

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