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  • camk7 camk7 Apr 5, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    Awnser this for me

    Why do all those who are so against Tesla (okulawd, kbodie, ballcoach, etc), post here on a daily basis? If you dislike the company so much, why do you spend so much time on its message board? Desperate for attention? Trying to push the stock down? What is it?

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    • I don't know about the others but I have a feeling that @ballcoach has time to post here because:

      1. He has sold his failed BMW dealership interest in 2008 and since then, he has had nothing to do.
      2. He wants us to know he lives in a mansion. He didn't say why but my wild guess is that he is implying if a guy has lots of money, he must be smart. See, the more @ballcoach spills, the bigger the hole he is digging for himself. The net worth of Elon is probably a thousand times of @ballcoach's. Yet, @ballcoach thinks he is the smarter one. Go figure.
      3. Despite his wealth, @ballcoach does not have the money to short the TSLA stock, despite he is 110% sure that Tesla will NEVER be able to sell 20,000 cars. The good news is, despite the fact that @ballcoach has been wrong about Tesla for a long time, he has actually not lost a dollar on this mistakes because he has zero financial interest in the game.

    • You know, it's very childish to post questions as bane as yours, Camk7. Is it acceptable to wish for people to lose money investing? Does this make you personally feel special? I would hope not! I've spent the better part of two years on this board not wishing for some people to lose money. I have never once pitted shorts versus longs, although I've been constantly accused of being short. What does it matter? To me, I couldn't care less if people make or lose a fortune as I have zero invested in the outcome either way! No, I've simply stuck with my business observations. Unfortunately, it's because I don't share your views that I'm immediately classified as a basher/shorter/paid poster. If any of you could even stop for a second and recognize how foolish those comments make you look, I doubt if you'd consider posting such rubbish.

      In conclusion, don't ask ME why I'm here. Ask YOURSELF! Your pals post far more times than I do, especially that moron, Networthless. He begins threads and keeps them alive by posting and continually answering himself until/if someone else posts. VERY SICK! And is it reasonable for someone to begin a topic DEFINING his view of what makes a person short stocks? I mean, #$%$ kind of thinking is that?

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      • I could care less if people make a lot of money or loose a lot of money off Tesla. I've been fortunate to make a lot. Does that make me special? No. If anything I feel bad for those who have lost a lot of money because I know the feeling, just like every investor.
        I'm here because I enjoy the company and discussing them. I would hope that my "pals" post here more then the trolls because this is a Tesla board not anti-EV/everything Tesla does board. Obviously Tesla critisicism is welcome and encouraged but I think it's fair to say half the stuff your pals are posting is just garbage.
        It's apperant you dislike Tesla's business model because you were owner of a bmw dealership? Is that why you spend so much time on this board, because you feel threatend by Tesla and this is your way of letting out anger? We can have opposing business views, that's not the issue, it's the continual presence on a message board for a company that you do not like that intrueges me.

    • Camk
      Let me give you some general opinions of mine. You can chose to ignore them but, hey they're free.

      Why Tesla not some other auto company.
      Tesla has one product. GM, Ford, TM, BMW It's hard to argue specifics as they have too many products in too many countries to really get a grip on.
      Right now I'm learning about Malaysian politics. Not that I give a darn about their politics but it influences the price of a mining company I'm interested in but won't invest in if the wrong party wins. The stock is seriously down and I think a a buy if it goes well. (LYNAS) Trying to keep track of multiproduct multinationals is not seriously possible. You can look at their numbers but it is an entirely different thing.

      That's one reason. Coach, Kbodie and Tenma (Not on your list) have all been into the car business.
      That makes Tesla an easy interest. If nothing else It;s trying to change their history.
      For instance Coach was a dealer and much of what he did will be drastically changed if more companies follow Tesla's model. While there will still be mechanics the setup will be different.

      Okulawd I don't know his background.but from his post her.:
      "I'm here because I believe Mr. Musk to be a snake oil saleman, completely deceptive and misleading."
      Basically Oku is angry at someone he sees as lying and getting away with it. I understand it as I feel it too.
      Fortunately for me I've been able to step back a bit. Hay when somebody lets me make money, I can be forgiving and this was a good week. Thanks to Elon.

      Sorry but you got me talking

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      • It does amaze me when longs simply seem to forget that Elon lied.
        Bill Clinton was the same. My relatives believed he "Didn't have sex with that woman." until the day he admitted it. Shocked was the best description I can think of.
        No thought that it was even possible had apparently crossed their minds.

        In Elon's case how many longs admitted that the reservations were running low before Tuesday?
        How many don't admit it now?
        Considering the lease deal is basically to increase demand claiming they are production restrained is false.
        Yet how many longs don't trust Musk?
        Basically none I expect.

        Musk claimed Tesla was making 200 cars the first week of Q4 and 400 the last 3 weeks. That leaves about 160 for all the weeks in between. Do you believe they dropped to 160 and suddenly jumped to 400 for 3 weeks? If you don't believe it was an abrupt shift, then the weeks in the middle were worse.
        I don't believe it, any more than I believe it, when he said "We are not playing accounting games."

        Yes they are playing games but that doesn't mean they won't get away with them.
        The stock may eventually go bad, or they may keep getting away with 'little white lies' until they succeed.
        It happens both ways.

        Will you be the Hero or the Goat? Charlie Brown.

        As for me watching Elon pull another fast one, is as much fun, as watching a house full of kittens.
        (And my accounting skills are improving trying to figure out his latest trick.)

    • Because it is not N. Korea and it is the USA. Everyone can speak their mind. May be he is right and wants people to listen to him?

    • I'm here because I believe Mr. Musk to be a snake oil saleman, completely deceptive and misleading. When the board went dark a few months ago, there wasn't any factual information available to investors. Thanks to Kbodie, Coach, EV, and others, I have been able to grain some insight as what is actually going on with this bogus outfit. I greatly appreciate their daily imput. Long or short, you should too.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • General Motors made a BIG DEAL to launch the VOLT as well. Why are you @okulawd not calling out GM as a snake oil company?

        Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. No problem there. The problem is, as I said in another note, visionary shorts (that will include you @okulawd) must have lost their shirts already shorting this stock.

        It must be frustrating to be wrong, consistently wrong for such a prolonged period of time. What is your pain threshold? At what point will you call it quit and cover? Some people will say NEVER. Most of those people are living on the streets.

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