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  • mandan14shooter mandan14shooter Apr 8, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    $50.00 for 30 minutes or $100.00 for an hour with Dr. Feelgoodagain....

    During work, every time i climbed my 4' ladder, i would get dizzy and have to stop for 10-15 seconds before it would go away. i went to my local Dr. and he said it most likely was an inner ear problem and gave me some pills to take. i had an appointment the next morning with my other Dr., so i didn't take the pills.

    Dr. Feelgoodagain has been an Osteopath and teaches the same at his office for many years. He's about 5'8" tall and a Bear of a man with arms that could probably pop the eyes out of Yukon Eric, if he wanted to. He doesn't take X-rays and he says that if he can't help you in two visits, he can't help you.

    my left elbow was killing me for a couple of weeks and was probably due to winding torsion springs. He worked on my elbow for 15 minutes and and told me i had 15 minutes left and asked if there was anything else wrong. i told him about 4' ladder dizziness and about the other Dr. assessment. i thought i could hear a very low chuckle and he worked on my neck for the remainder of time and said "that should do it". That was a couple years ago and when i walked out the door, i never had another elbow pain. i did a spring change that afternoon, walked up the ladder and got dizzy. That was the last time i ever got dizzy.

    The good Doctor has retired from patient care, but still teaches to many who fly in from many parts of the world. Dr. Loren Rex, Medical MiracleMan...

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    • i asked the good Doctor about home remedies for back pain, due to muscle stiffness. He told me to lie on the floor, put a rubber ball under the pain area and lie there for 10 or 15 minutes. Do that two or three times a day, if necessary. That forces the muscle to relax. That technique can also be used on arms and other parts of the body by applying pressure. i've done it many times and it definitely works....

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