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  • wanttruthinvestor wanttruthinvestor Apr 9, 2013 11:52 AM Flag

    How Many Hours Does it Take to Recharge Batteries?

    The Tesla has a 300 mile range. It then needs to be recharged. If I am going to my son's house, I have to drive 900 miles. I fill my tank 2 times underway (I fill it at home before I start driving). It takes approximately 7 minutes to fill the tank. How long does it take to fill a Tesla? Is it overnight? And can I plug it into my motel room?

    Electric cars do not appear to be very convenient. I own a new Lincoln MKS with all of the features one could possibly want. The car drives smoothly and quietly. It is a very comfortable car. Its gas mileage on the freeway at 75 MPH is 26 GPH. The car cost me $52,000. Why would I want to pay $100,000 for the same comfort and luxury and not be able to conveniently drive it to my son's house?

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    • $100,000...? You can buy a Model S for $85k. If you drive 20,000 miles a year it saves you ~ $3,200 in gas versus electrical cost. Plus that Tesla NEVER needs oil, transmission fluid, injector cleaning, catalytic converter issues, etc. Don't forget Quick Lube wants what...$50 per oil change plus how long do they take..?

      Granted it's got a battery (8yr unlimited mileage) and an electric motor, but lets be honest. If they engineered that motor correctly it's duty cycle will likely be a crazy high number. 500,000 miles. Who knows. Time will tell, but it's got so few moving parts with no wear issues I suspect it's going to be a way up there.

      So at $3,200 per yr in savings. If you own the car 10 yrs. your cost is $85k - $32k = $53k. Plus every morning when you wake up you can just drive it 300 miles. No Gas, No Oil, etc.

      On those long trips once the supercharge network is up. Stop for FREE Recharge 30 - 45 min every 3 hours seems like a fair deal. That 900 mile trip will cost you..... ~ $280 round trip in gas alone, plus 1,800 miles in engine distance....time for an oil change.

    • Most families have 2 cars, so the range issue may not be a limitation. However, psychologically, range anxiety is an issue until we get a nationwide SC network. MS will improve over time with longer range batteries, features like smart cruise control, anti collision technology, interior refinement, etc.

      The key enabling technology will be disruptive tech in battery like Envia, California Lithium Battery, etc are developing: double/triple or more the battery capacity and cut the cost by half. That what enabled the smartphone as the processors, display, etc improved. I would say we are about 5 years away from getting really powerful batteries.

    • The 'road trip' argument is so over done. If that's the only reason you don't want to buy a tesla then that's fine, you're clearly happy with the Lincoln. The Tesla though excels in the everyday driving around that most people do 99.9% of the time. You save A LOT not filling up with gas, and the smoothness and quietness of the electric power train is ideal. Also no offense but the Tesla is marketed towards a higher end segment in the market, even more so then Lincoln which explains the price difference. Obviously I don't know where you and your son live, but I would recommend just taking a plane next time, it will save you the hassle of driving 900 miles and give you more time to spend with you son. Just a thought.

    • Most people don't make very many 900 mile trips in their car over the course of a year. Most days you might only drive 40 miles or so. A Tesla works just fine, drive it around then plug it in at night to recharge. On those rare occasions you make a 900 mile trip you can rent an ICE, or take the airplane, or plan to hit chargers along the way taking charging time into account.
      If long road trips are what you need a car for then an ICE is a better choice for you. There are many choices of ICE, and there will continue to be many of them around for decades to come.

    • It takes 43 days to fill the battery with a hand crank generator

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