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  • svenhh60 svenhh60 Apr 15, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    too many optimists.....

    ...see Tesla as the only e-car company; but the competition is some ways with better business models via range-extender-technology....eCar plus.....gasoline, hydrogen etc.....Tesla/ and its CEO can say something - even without deepness - and stock is moving up big....a good momentum, yes but this over-optimism can be dangerous too when Tesla can´t deliver would the CEO the shorts might be wrong short-term and right middle/ keeps exciting......(market is valuing company the way that all announcement come true in a positive way....results.......)

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    • 1. Learn to type.
      2. To many optimists? Not everything is "too good to be true", sometimes things just make sense and work. That's the case with Tesla and that's why the stock is doing so well. People are excited and want to be a part of something big.

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    • Tesla have been meeting announcements, usually taking longer than initial estimates, but they have done all they've claimed. The S is at predicted manufacturing levels, and so far it's a sell out. There is a market for alternative types of autos. Toyota selling over 200 thousand Prius' per year. Lots of granolas out there looking for more eco friendly, advanced means of transport. And some of them even have money!

    • Say what you want. The market has spoken.
      40 is the new floor.

      Your shorts are on fire

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